Very Frustrated With Start To Career...

  1. After completing school and subsequent licensure I found work very quickly. I was enthusiastic, but after having a preceptor [I gave the benefit of the doubt] who was never around, left me on my own without supervision, and always gave me rationales: "Thats just the way it's always been done" for 6 weeks I was very frustrated. I followed the exact protocol the hospital has in place to get a new preceptor. About this time I was starting to realize that being in the ER might be over my head as a new grad. BUT as usual I give everything, myself include, the benefit of the doubt. I always try to give 100% and never complain. After 4 more weeks I KNEW I was over my head in the ER. Once again, I followed the hospital protocol, notified my supervisor this and was told he would find me a place on one of the Med/Surg floors. Little did I know what this person was up to. I guess by giving my all, giving things the benefit of the doubt, trying to follow protocols and believing in what people tell you...was the wrong thing. Vindictive? I dunno...but basically left out in the cold without a schedule and waiting for return phone calls.

    So here's the kicker to all this. It was all a lie! Oh, no one told me it was...but after having to follow up with a transfer request to two floors and being subsequently told 'We'll give you a call.' I am left out in the cold! No schedule with anyone. Why is it you can do everything right, but be punished for it? Why is dishonesty the best policy? Why do people have to try to control you? All this hoopla about wanting to keep you, all this hoopla about caring, help forge your career etc. is bogus! I am very disillusioned and to the point of throwing in the towel.

    I DIDN'T DO ANYTHING WRONG! I was open, honest, have integrity, cared, etc. and I am being punished for what? Is it bad judgement? Its obvious that even there is a lie about a nursing shortage in this area. All I want to do is become a good nurse. Just like everyone expects honesty, integrity and respect I would ask the same thing in return. But I guess it isn't a two way street.

    I'm not in high school. I'm not a little kid! I spent 22 years in the Marines. Treat me as an adult and with at least some respect! Everyone else asks for the same...why not me? I am not a pig going to slaughter!!! It is that simple. So now I find myself realizing that all of the last few years may have been a waste...which I hope not! All I want is a chance. If that is the way this hospital will treat I don't want any part of them....ARGGH, but owe scholarship loan to. So I went to a new facility, turned in an app and subsequently hired tentatively based upon references! I was honest and told them I worked at this specific hospital. I could have lied, but why? I hope and pray that the talk with soon to be former boss goes well. If NOT I am still left in the cold. I am hoping to be hired on a Med/Surg floor to get a good nursing base. I will be behind on my bills....for what? For doing what is right? For following protocols? Becoming a nurse should NOT, I repeat NOT be this hard. It should not be all OJT, making mistakes [hopefully not a terminal one], etc. One of the worst things in all of this and I see it all the everyone wants and says for you to be honest and have integrity...but some in the profession's actions are just the opposite! The way people are treated you are being taught to lie over and over again.

    And everyone wants you to use critical thinking?! And then they want you to 'ask' every single little thing?! "Shoulda asked. Shoulda asked." Where's critical thinking if you have to ask about everything? Its tough enuff already to learn about Docs, meds, charting, becoming a nurse and time management....whew! I was instructed on more than one occasion on where IM injections go. I passed Med Pass with flying colors. So why oh why when I gave a 1cc IM in the deltoid that WAS NOT B-12 or Tetanus was I asked why I put it there? I gave the rationale, showed placedment, even showed in a book and was subsequently told I was wrong. ALL IM injections other than above go in the 'rump.' Why? You didn't ask! you can tell I wandered and am very frustrated to say the least. I NOW can see why there might be a nursing shortage. I can understand to some degree all the issues others here on this forum have gone through. All I ask is for someone to give me a chance. Teach me, mold me, be honest with me, treat me with dignity...and darnit! I will do my best to ask!

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  3. by   wonderbee
    Wow, you really do have a beef. I feel for you. It's a sad truth that doing things by the book don't always guarantee a positive outcome unfortunately. Sometimes you have to fly under the radar a little first. For instance, ask to shadow on other units to show what you're capable of before putting in for the transfer. My guess is that your unit director is not presenting you in a good light when asked about your performance or everyone is just too harried to take time to fill the position. It happens!

    You may want to look outside your current facility as well. I wish you the very best. Let us know what happens please.
  4. by   mvanz9999
    I've become very jaded and distrustful of ANY employer. I feel this is true in every single profession and business. REGARDLESS of what lies are told, the bottom line is the almighty dollar. The hell with integrety, honesty and accountability.

    The things that have happened to me over my career...I don't know. I don't trust anyone, I never feel secure. I'm tired of getting screwed over.

    You don't have to do anything wrong. I spent 8 months unemployed and subsequently filed for banruptcy. Why? Because new management simply didn't like me. After 3 years of high reviews, outlandish raises and nothing but praise, new management came in, decided they didn't like me (for unknown reasons), and proceeded to berate me and eventually fire me. And look at the mess it made.

    Wow, that's not really very helpful is it? I guess you should know that you're not alone, and certainly not unjustified in feeling these things. But I do think it's not specific to nursing. It's everywhere.
  5. by   HeatherLPN
    From my experience working in a bad, unsafe place, that if ONE person for some reason doesn't like you--any reason, justified or not--others will follow suit. Especially if that person has been there for eons. It's very frustrating to feel as if you are trying to "break in" to their group.

    I wish you luck, and try not to focus on one bad experience. I got another job right away and have been treated wonderfully by staff and management. Those places are out there, sometimes where you least expect it.
  6. by   tencat
    I hear you! It's weird, but I almost wonder if the nurses subconsciously are more patient and kinder to the young new nursing grads as opposed to the 'older' new nursing grads......I have felt that I got reamed for some things that I KNOW some of the younger new grads did, but didn't get reamed for. Maybe subconsciously they feel that since we're older, we should somehow be held ot a higher standard than the younger new grads. I don't think it's a conscious thing, but I think it's there....
  7. by   willdgate
    Nurses have a respect issues, therefore, I try to keep my mouth closed on the job and let them talk, but if you are not doing anything wrong, who cares what they think
  8. by   amy0123
    I totally agree, I am almost 2 months into my orientation, and my critical thinking and problem solving is developing through each day. It's a tough transition from nursing school to the start of the actual work setting.
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  9. by   New2ER
    Wow, I could have written this post myself. I didn't start in the ER but in ICU. After 2 months or so was moved to the ER because I told my managers that I hated ICU. I feel like the director is rushing new grads through orientation in order to fill her staffing quota. At times, I feel that the director is more concerned about herself than helping the new grads (and all the nurses) protect their licenses. Ex. when she called me in my 4th week of orientation to come in to ICU and take a patient by myself. BTW, this is a teaching hospital. I'm one of the lucky ones who could keep up and yet, I feel like my employer has misrepresented so many things, from the orientation process to the 'classroom' training, that I no longer wish to work for them. They want me to pay for training when the contract clearly states that I don't have to if I am per diem. That's the last straw for me, I'm going to turn in my resignation next week and move on. I have a fulltime job as a psych RN which I love in a facility that is much closer to home and suits me better. I will end up owing my old employer $11,000, but somehow, it seems worth it to me to gain my sanity back.
  10. by   Mulan
    What med was it that you gave in the deltoid that they got so upset about?

    If you owe them scholarship money I would think they would find you a place to work somewhere, they always need nurses on medsurg.

    Good luck.
  11. by   m070298
    I am having a hard time finding a job. Believe it or not. I graduated a couple of months ago. Passed boards and everything. Put applications in to all the hospitals around here. Which there are 5 hospitals. I put them in at 2 nursing homes, and one home health.. Help. what am I doing wrong?
  12. by   AB_NormalRN
    MO70298: To answer a few things....One, I don't know why you aren't being hired. I wish I knew. Over the last few weeks I turned in about 5 apps to various facilities and only one called. As one person who emailed me said, it might not have anything to do with you at all! It might just be that they only have so many preceptors to go around and can't/won't over load them! Maybe the preceptors have precepted back to back students and need a break. I noted in my area of the country that ER, ICU, and Step down or Telemetry is ALWAYS looking, but maybe the hospitals have policies against new grads in those positions. I wish I had the answers for you. However, I would suggest to go online at these Career websites, such as and look for jobs. Believe me...I found all sorts of jobs in all sorts of fields, in areas close to where I live and many are looking for new grads!

    MULAN: As far as the injection? It was a steroid if not mistaken. I can now understand the a way. I could cause cellulitis if too many IM's given in the arm. Not that I couldn't in the 'rump,' but can give more there over the course of the stay. Funny you should mention the scholarship Mulan. LOL! Guess what hospital emailed me and said I should come to work today? Yep...but I have already committed to another place.

    NEW2ER: I could keep up also...but just became very frustrating. I wasn't getting all the skills I would need to be in the ER. I could go a year and never give tPA, conscious sedation, chest tube, etc. and all of a sudden I am the one without help because the others are busy with their own stuff. So I felt it best if I backed the trolley up and took some time to learn the nature of nursing first, get my basic assessment skills, etc. I dunno, but believe I will be happier where I am as well. I cannot hardly believe they are trying to get you to pay for training!!!! You went to school, got your license...that costs enuff as it is! That seems a bit strange! I don't blame you either. I don't want to work at a place that misrepresents things...if they are hiding stuff, what else will they hide? Or worse...hang you out to dry? Like you I moved on. No, I don't have that much to pay back as you...but would rather be where I am.

    To back up and give more perspective to the issue. I was contacted off line by a very, very knowledgeable person from the corporate community. She explained things in ways that made sense about why things happen the way they do. They had already committed time and effort to me. They had already committed expenses for a position I was hired for. NOW they would have to commit to more time, effort and expenses to train me in a new position? And how would I turn out? It was easier to just not schedule me, knowing that sooner or later I would leave the position. They had an open position there before I was there, so they didn't lose out a lot. It does make sense from a corporate standpoint and that is what a hospital is. It is a business! If 80% of funds come from Medicare/Medicaid...they can't afford to lose out and use up the funds they get. Easier to let you go!

    However, with that said...I did apply as said at approx 5 places. One told me I was just too far away and traveling that far had never worked out for the hospital. One called and I started working there today. The others never called me back. However, of note to those who are still looking...I did place apps/resumes online at a variety of Career websites and have already received two answers that they wanna talk to me. But it is only fair to let them know I am employed.

    Keep your chin up and keep on heading for the goal line. We are here to care and help our patients. We passed school. We passed NCLEX and will be good at what we do. It just takes time. I for one think I made the right choice and will be happier.

  13. by   mvanz9999
    Quote from m070298
    I am having a hard time finding a job. Believe it or not. I graduated a couple of months ago. Passed boards and everything. Put applications in to all the hospitals around here. Which there are 5 hospitals. I put them in at 2 nursing homes, and one home health.. Help. what am I doing wrong?
    Probably nothing. It's the lies, lies, and additional lies of so called "experts" on the economy and so on. It's difficult for any new person to find a job in a field in which they have no experience.

    There are a lot of threads about new nurses having trouble finding work. Best thing is to hang in there. It's mostly likely not you.