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hello all. just readin different threads and wonderin what does the starting salary look like for a grad nurse? i live the in Atlanta area so any ball park figure will do. thanks!... Read More

  1. by   jackie102
    Anyone know about mass?
  2. by   nurstang
    I live in southern California, LA area. I was offered from $23 to $32 for day shift. Nightshifts pays an additional $2.50 to $7.50 per hour. However, don't look only at the pay, but look at the whole picture and ask questions regarding their New Grad program/training. I made the mistake of going for the $32.82 hr job and didn't ask any questions. The new grad program with a preceptor on telemetry was only 3 wks long, and many new grads didn't make it, including myself. When I look back, I should have taken the $23 hr that included a 18 week new grad program.
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  4. by   Crossfit SRNA2b
    Nor Cal-
    My buddy, who is also a guy, just graduated this last December (08) and was offered a job in Sacramento area (citrus heights) and they were going to start him out at $42/hr plus 5 diff for working nights (which is kinda mandatory for new grads in Cali). So total he would have been making 47 an hour which is around 88k per year. Not bad when a 1 bed rm apt runs between 600-1000. (Also, i'm originally from Nor Cal, but im going to school in reno (UNR) and rent is not much of a difference here. Maybe 50-100 cheaper a month, MAYBE.

    Anyways, he couldnt accept the job, wife got accepted in long beach state for nursing, so he got a job in glendale, 32/hr plus 4 diff for nights.
    Rent is $1000 for a 1bed rm apt 3 blocks from the beach.
    Also, get gets loan reimbursement up to 15k if he stays the full two years. If not they pay you as you go, i think every 4 months you complete you get 2.5k or something.

    Anyways, Reno, NV starts new grads at $27, and you get a 3-5 bump after 3 months. Not sure what the weekend and night diff is, probably around 2-5 is my guess.

    I feel sorry for some of you peeps out in bama or arkansa i've heard of some ghastly low numbers, in the teens. (17-19). I dont care how low cost of living is there, it better be 50 dollars/month for a mansion to come out equal in the end
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    What hospital in citruis heights did he get a job at?
  6. by   EmilyLucille523
    Iowa is one of the lowest paying states for nurses (#48 nationally). New grads tend to start at $18-$21/hr depending on where you are hired. They're trying to working on raising the pay but not anytime soon with the tough economic times we're in right now. On the upside though, the cost of living is less here.
  7. by   HeartsOpenWide
    I just got hired at $29.40 which includes a $3.00 night diff. includes benefits. My friend who got hired in Dec said the union is fighting for higher wages for us to match sister hospitals and if they do not nurses inl four hospitals are going to walk. I was told by one of the nurses on CNA that our hospital has the lowest paid nurses in California. When I mentioned another hospital in the area that I know makes less she said "thats different" (this hospital I mentioned is considered the red headed step child by some; they are a for profit and there are always rumors of them going under) so maybe she means the lowest out of the healthcare system I got hired at, they have several of them throughout the state.

    The area of nursing makes a difference, another friend of my that graduated in December is a prison nurse and makes $85,000/year...thinking there must be some hazard pay in there..has to wear a stab vest and everything.

    There is no real range for new grad pay since each state has such drastically different costs of living. In my area of California (which is cheaper than big city areas) you can still can not get a half decent home for under 250,000 (fortunately my husband is a contractor so we can get away with looking at the least decent ones), my cousin in Michigan is looking at a house for $45, can not even buy a trailer in a trailer park for that here!
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  8. by   avatar78
    Erie, PA. $18.36 starting days. Not too exciting, but my rent here is only $350 for a nice 2 br apt. :can't find shoulder shrug smilie:
  9. by   mamaellis2many
    Here is Mobile, AL, no one is hiring new grads except for a choice few and i graduated cum laude. The nurse recruiter from a local hospital said their starting salary for new nurses in 19.00/hour. I am willing to relocate in order to get the experience. ANY IDEAS?
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  10. by   StephyJaye
    Here in Orange County, NY: The starting pay at the hospital I just got hired at (YAY!) is $32/hr. I'm also getting a $2 shift differential.
  11. by   pinkiepie_RN
    Once I pass NCLEX, I'll start out at $25/hour + $3.80 night shift differential, and $2.50 weekend differential. I'm in Maryland and I'm honestly most excited that it's double what I make as a tech (without differential).
  12. by   bbache2
    I am a new grad in the Chicago area and accepted a job making $24/hr plus $3.25/hr more for nights that I will be working. I also was told I can get up to an 8% raise this year if I participate in the preceptor program and get certified in the specialty I choose.
  13. by   bbache2
    I also decided to take less pay and less hours to work in the ICU as a new grad. I want to be a CRNA so that's what I chose to do. I look forward to starting