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  1. nursinguy

    benefits for Kaiser, UC Davis, UCSF, or VA and Sutter

    UCDMC wins right now but Kaiser tops out at 70$ UCDMC tops at 53$. I work CA Prison and we get nearly the same as UCDMC but I think we are calpers and they are private. Though we do 1/4 the work that a average UCDMC nurse does on the floor. It is easy to do 70 hours a week in prison and still go home flesh and not exhausted like a average ucdmc work to death floor.
  2. nursinguy

    Nor Cal...southern Oregon wages??

    about 30 bucks a hour unless you come to pelican bay state prison in cresent city, we start at 41.36 a hour.
  3. nursinguy

    Pay Differences Across California

    UCDavis has begone renegging on their pension promises, CA is broke.
  4. nursinguy

    Pay Differences Across California

    You got a couple things wrong.... Bay area new grads get 50$ a hour, 20 experienced RN's make 70$ or a little more. Sac area new grad RN's make 44-46$, 20 experienced RN's make 55-60$ Prison RN's make 46-53$ no matter where in the state. Kaiser in Sac area make 49$-70$ most these pays include night premium.
  5. I just accepted a prison job in Northern CA, how are the benefits compared to the hospitals in Sacramento area?
  6. nursinguy

    Don't scare me...i start n Fall....how much do u make?

    Sac Area is 41-45 a hour with night premium, Prison is 45.50 plus bonuses no matter where in CA you work. The farther from the bay area you get the lower the pay gets.
  7. nursinguy

    Don't scare me...i start n Fall....how much do u make?

    Thing is that just depends on where you work, Public Health nursing is a piece of cake and most psych nursing is too, on night crew someplaces I do nothing for 5-6 hours and get paid for it. It just depends.
  8. nursinguy

    Why won't anyone hire new grads?

    From several hospital recruiters. In Nevada the cost is less around 60k, but that is still allot of money.
  9. If you did not precept there, work for free, your chances are virtually 0! There is a better chance that the antartic melts before you will get a job there.
  10. For hospital experience, it does not count. You will be considered a new grad when you app with no experiance.
  11. nursinguy

    Why won't anyone hire new grads?

    100k start costs to train new grads, want to guess why they don't want to hire you?