1. Ok- We all talked about how we would reward ourselves after school, but who really did it? And what did you do?

    I have bought several things from eBay including a "new" set of flatware. Also, I went to Panama City. FL for a week to spend time with my brother-in-law and his wife and kids.

    Ok, I want to hear about new cars, new husbands/wives, new houses, clean houses, books, whatever we all did as rewards for ourselves....


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  3. by   zambezi
    I bought myself new couches with my sign on bonus and then a brand new 2003 car after a few months of work...i worked hard through school, i deserve it right? I also don't have any kids though....about 8 months after school i got married and we just made our first offer on a new house...!!!thats alot in one year huh? oh well, its fun...
  4. by   peaceful2100
    Well, right now since I just graduated I don't have any money to buy anything. I start work June 9th, so my reward is going to come in Late August/Early september when I get a new car. Right now I am looking at a Honda CRV, Toyota RAV-4, Saturn Vue and the Ford Escape they are all SUV's and I am leaning more toward the Honda CRV. I told myself I won't get a new car either until I pass NCLEX. I am hoping to do that the first time around. I REALLY want a new car.
  5. by   babynursewannab
    I'm still a student and I planned on getting my teeth done (veneers, etc...) as my reward. However, since getting married in January, we sold our house, are building a new one and have gotten pregnant. I'm not seeing veneers in my future :chuckle !

    I think I got my rewards early.
  6. by   meownsmile
    I did,, i have just been out of school a year. But i promised myself something that i would cherish as soon as i paid off some bills. I bought a ring for myself, Tsavorite and diamonds. Yes its still on layaway at the jewler but its still MINE!!!! I decided i would buy me myself something, not something i had to share right now,, but could have and pass on later. Wont be to long now and i can enjoy it.
    Some may think it a little selfish of me but even though my family helped by not being to demanding all the time, i felt I needed to reward myself too. They will be rewarded by my long hours of work to bring in more income so they can the extras they wouldnt have had.

    Oh and the Honda's,, wonderful. We have both a 98 and a 2000 Civic EX, we love them.
  7. by   rosemadder
    I am vacationing for most of the month of June. Two weeks at Holden Beach, NC and then ten days at Cape Cod. After I get a job the first thing I am going to buy is DSL--I'm so tired of only being able to afford Dial Up and then work on paying for the new house I just purchased.
  8. by   rnnurse2be
    I havent graduated YET, but I notified DH at the start of this fiasco, that I call schooling, when I was done we were leaving the kiddo's w/ grandma and grandpa and going on a CRUISE baby! Our friends said they would like to go too. What a fun time we will have.... Ocean breezes... I can feel it now!

    Time for some serious pampering!
  9. by   LuvbabiesRN
    I just graduated last month- at the moment i have no $ but in a few months after working i am buying a JETTA !!!
  10. by   EmeraldNYL
    I don't graduate until Oct. so I can't reward myself yet! But I am getting a bigger apartment with my fiance in August and I plan on buying an Acura RSX-S after a few months of working. I can't wait to actually have a paycheck!
  11. by   PremmieRN
    Graduated in May. My husband & I added on to our house, got a hottub, and have redecorated the whole house.
  12. by   TinyNurse
    I graduated on Friday,(June 13th) and I bought my self a 2003 Ford ZX2. I've never had a new car before, and my old one overheated on the way to the dealership.
    Also, today I bought a down pillow.
  13. by   vaughanmk
    I managed to get married spring break last semester. Yea me! My car broke down 1 week after graduation so I went out and bought a new one instead of fixing the old one. I moved 200 miles and am looking at buying a house once I get a feel for the area. I also got a few "toys" for my husband since he stuck with me through school.

    Congrats Class of 2003. We did it.
  14. by   wannabHishands
    Just thought this thread was a testament to what we THOUGHT would happen when we graduated... we used to talk and dream of what we'd do with our "signing bonuses". Um, those of us who were lucky enough to get jobs, 7 years after this thread, were most likely NOT offered signing bonuses...
    I DID, however, treat myself. I bought a pair of black tooled Danskos, even before I got my job. Worth every little penny, as my back and legs tell me every day at the end of my 12-hour (thank you, God!) shifts.