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I will be graduating in May...What are the current income ranges for new nurses? I hope to work in either the Surgery Department or the Emergency Department. I live in Cincinnati and I will graduate... Read More

  1. by   lapollonaris
    I live in Maryland. I work on a med/surg floor. I interviewed at a few different hospitals. The starting wage for new grads was $20.50 - $22 per hour. My hospital offers a $3000 sign on bonus paid over 1 1/2 yrs.
  2. by   luilui_604
    Quote from amyindallas
    Where in Texas are you going to be working? I currently live in Dallas but I'm thinking about Houston after I finish school. Does anyone know anything about starting salaries in Houston?
    Hi, i live in canada but i had an opportunity to speak to someone in HR for Memorial Hermann hospital in Houston. He told me that new grads start at $20.50 with $3 shift differential for nights, and an extra $1 on weekends. I think he also said there was a sign on bonus of $500-$1000? anyways, i'm hoping to find out what other hospitals in that area are offering because i am also interested in relocating to Houston, TX. Hope this helps!
  3. by   MadelineGlass
    I can tell you Witchita Falls Tx offered me 15 and hour and not bonus or incentives!!!!!!!!!!!! I freaked.
    Fort Worth and Dallas start new grads at 18.50 hr with sign on, relocation, contract bonuses.
    but..after a year of experience the rate moves to 25-45 hr depending on who...
  4. by   nekhismom
    amyindallas and kimhaw, I am moving WAAYYY into the southern part of texas. I like the sub-tropical climate! We are going to rent a townhouse inside a gated country club community for $750/mo. My base is $18.50 plus night and weekend diff. I will get 8 hours OT every 2 weeks guaranteed, as it is built into the schedule. I will also get whatever OT I get after doing all of my charting, and that can take FOREVER!!!

    Now, mind you, I could live in a cheaper community and come out much better, or I could just find a house, which are MUCH cheaper. However, since I haven't had a chance to accurately judge the area, we are doing the gated community for safety (we have a 2 y/o, and you just can't be TOO careful, ya know??), and we will find a house after a year or so. But everything is cheap where I'm going, and compared to the average wages there, we will be MAKING OUT!!! It's ok with me, anyway. If you want more info, PM me.

    Oh, BTW, I looked into Houston and I was disappointed with the salary I was offered there. I was told it was like $18/hr. SOmeone else posted higher. I was also told NO sign-on and little to no relocation assistance. SO I looked elsewhere.
  5. by   fil534
    I got a job offer in Montana as RN for only 18 USD per hour,I don't know if it is okay !
  6. by   suzanne4
    I got $8.49 per hour when I started and that was considered alot.
    Of course it was twenty five years ago...........

  7. by   RNmommy
    Funny, we just found out that we (new grads) are being bumped up to 26.70 in May to compete with the market rate for new grads in our city. That is the BSN rate. ADNs will make 25.50. There is also a 4$/hr shift differential for nights. Again I have to point out, though, that it tis very expansive to live here.
  8. by   leraern
    I am in Miami and the hospital I will be working at will start me at $22.00/hr with a $5000 sign on bonus for two years. I also got a scholarship from the same hospital for $6000 my last year in school. Its very competitive here, the farther you travel to work outside the immediate Miami area, the more you get paid. The hospital that pays the most for new grads however is University of Miami/Jackson Hospital.
  9. by   treker
    Here in Australia when you Graduate from a BSN your starting salary is $17-$18 an hour "ish", and it increases each year until after Eight yrs. it it caps off to there after at $24-$25/hr "ish". That,s a top $50,000 /yr. "ish" Gross. working 4 days /wk. + one agency shift/wk. I grossed $57K and I'm a Seventh year post grad (BSN) with a post operative cert. in Anaesthetics. The cost relevance is similar as far as what we buy with our dollar here in Australia. and what you can buy with the US dollar there in the US. Obviuosly if you can batter for increases excellent. In Australia you move your self, and expenses are your own (there are always exceptions). But insurances are minimal and covered by union fees.
  10. by   caseyspen
    In North carolina, I will be making 18.00/hr plus night diff of 3.75 and weekend diff of 10.00/hr. plus a $12,500 sign on bonus for 2 year committment

    ps. most hospitals give straight day pay when working 7a-7p but at the hospital I will be working, the night shift differential kicks in at 3pm when you work 7a-7p. that makes a difference in yearly salary.
  11. by   kimhaw
    hey caseyspen
    would that mean on the weekend you get 28/hr. and at night 21.75 tha't pretty good I am a new nursing student so I never knew how the shift differential thing work.

    Another do most of you get overtime and get time and a half or just the diff.

  12. by   Mantibob
    Rnmommy - Do you work for the Smart system of hospitals? I am just curious about what they are like - my spouse and I will be graduating in a year and they have been recruting us preaty hard. I know I love the area, been there many times. I especially like the "golden triangle" area - but do not know if I can afford it at the pay you mentioned. Thanks

    Quote from RNmommy
    $24.72/hr + $1000 sign on bonus in San Diego. Barely enough to cover bills and mortgage. The going rate for a 3 br home in a decent part of the city is $400,000+ My hospital also pays relocation but I don't kow the details bc I didn't need to relocate. There is only one hospital that I know of here that will pay a portion of student loans but it is deemed "serving an underserving population". My hospital is also preparing for it's magnet survey this summer.
  13. by   caseyspen
    Quote from kimhaw
    hey caseyspen
    would that mean on the weekend you get 28/hr. and at night 21.75 tha't pretty good I am a new nursing student so I never knew how the shift differential thing work.

    Another do most of you get overtime and get time and a half or just the diff.

    Yes on the weekend days with the diff, the pay is 28/hr. weekend nights is 31.75/hr. Of course because of this diff, it isn't hard for the hospital to find people to work weekends! As a new grad I will probably get to work the weekend I'm required plus maybe one other during the scheduling period.