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I might be offered a night position at a good hospital. The problem is i am totally not a night person. I hate the idea of working this shift. I know though being new graduate i have to put in my... Read More

  1. by   moonshadeau
    We eat on night shift. The other night we had Olive Garden. It keeps me awake but it isn't good for my figure. I also try to sleep all day long the night and day before a noc shift. I doesn't always work but a lot of things don't work like they used to before a little one.

    Also try to have your schedule blocked so that you do x number of nights in a row/week/month and rotate on a schedule. If you can.

    Good luck.
  2. by   meownsmile
    New nurses dont have to be banished to night shift. There may be someone who is more than willing to take night shifts. A lot of nurses love nights, no docs/management/families etc to deal with and they love it. Myself im a day person who doesnt sleep well when working nights so i found someone who is willing to do straight nights and we went to staffing made a permanent trade so she does all my nights,, i do all her days, staffing works with it and it is great. Problem comes when one of the two people leave, then you have to revert to your original schedule unless you can get someone else to trade. Luckily i havent had that problem,, i work straight days,, and can sleep like a normal person. I find i have to have twice the sleep when i work nights, and i dont sleep during the day well with kids coming home from school maybe a spouse that comes in for lunch turns on tv's etc. As far as telemarketers,, get a cell phone,, dont give ANYONE the number but the kids and hubby for emergencies only and unplug the land line until you wake up. Foil and earplugs work well too, but i used to end up pulling the earplugs out in my sleep.
  3. by   emily_rn_03
    I work 12's (7-7)and I need to get a lot of sleep so I am able to stay up during the night. I try to stay up until 4-5am and try to awake around 3-4pm. That doesn't usually work that way, but I do try!! It at least makes it easier to get on track. Good luck with your nights!!
  4. by   Tweety
    Quote from gwenith
    3) Apples - lots of apples they keep you awake. Coffee gives you a higher "wake-up" but apples last longer

    Gee, I learned something. I didn't know that about apples.

    To the OP, you'll find what works best for you. Everyone is different, every lifestyle and obligations are different. Good luck.
  5. by   gwenith
    Read it in an article at work and since then I have been carrying an apple in my handbag. Great to munch while driving home in the morning - keeps you awake without the "now I can't get to sleep" problem you get with coffee.