NCLEX review course?

  1. I expect to graduate in May and our school is offering an NCLEX review course for a week in May in preparation for the boards. The fee for the course is a whopping $300 Just wondering if it's really worth the money and how many people have just self-prepared by studying NCLEX books, doing the CD's, etc.
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  3. by   Love-A-Nurse
    hi, carolanne.

    may is also my expected graduation month. we have a mandatory nclex review, however, it is for two weeks and cost $200.00.

    i believe it will help me so i am glad it is at our school instead of traveling to one.
  4. by   LuvaNurse04
    I prepared for the NCLEX-PN (last year) and the NCLEX-RN by doing continuous questions on several different CDRoms on my computer. My school offers a free review for graduates, but I only went to one honestly. I used Saunders, Springhouse, Lippincott and Kaplan to practice questions. I had used most of these during Nursing school to help prepare for our exams. The more questions you do, the better prepared you are to handle similar style questions on the NCLEX. Lippincott's even has diagrams that you have to click on to answer (like a diagram of the body and you click on the location of the brachial pulse).

    This worked for me and it's good practice for you. Whether or not you need a review is only something that you can determine. My friend did well in school but she had severe test anxiety. She felt that a review would help ease that and help her gain confidence, which it did. She passed NCLEX the same day I did. Congratulations on your upcoming graduation and best wishes on your NCLEX.
  5. by   NurseMandy
    I graduated in December. I had my baby a week before graduation, and our NClex review was scheduled for the week after graduation. There is no way I was sitting through four, 8-hour days of that with a newborn baby. So...I opted not to take it.

    I worked on some review questions on my PC from the Saunders disk...and that is pretty much the extent of my review. I passed my boards, first try this past Monday.
  6. by   leraern
    Hi Carolanne,

    I am graduating in May also. My school was supposed to get a free review with Kaplan but we haven't gotten it yet. We finished our last semester early(mid-February), so I've just been studying since then. I'm using Saunders, Kaplan, Lippincott, and I'm trying to get my hands on the NCLEX 3000 disk. I think that should be enough to study from. I hope to be scheduling my test soon. Just do as many practice questions as you can,I find that is helping me with learning how to answer them. Well, good luck!!!!!!
  7. by   jazznkate
    Hello. To those of you taking Boards after April 1, how will you be preparing for the new Nclex format. What did your instructors tell you about the new format. I am quite nervous about the 6 answer choices and you would have to pick 2-6 answers the apply.
  8. by   suzanne4
    You actually have had exams like that in the past.

    Consider these examples:
    1. A patient having typical chest pain would exhibit:

    A. Left-sided chest pain
    B. Pain in the right ear
    C. Radiation of pain down left arm
    D. Lower right-sided back pain

    Choice of answers are:
    1. A and B
    2. B and C
    3. C and D
    4. A and D
    5. A, B, and C
    6. A, B, and D

    The test wants to make sure that you actually know your information and are not just guessing........................

    Hope that this helps...........................
  9. by   leraern
    This is for JazznKate..........My instructors told us that the new format NCLEX questions were only going to be a small percentage of the test. They were just going to incorporate some of those questions throughout the exam, it wil not "BE" the exam. Also, we were told that they were eliminating alot of the peds/ob questions and focusing on higher acuity med/surg questions. I am currently waiting for my ATT so I will be testing after April 1. So, good luck to you and anyone else who still has to test....

    Hope this helps............
  10. by   jazznkate
    for your reply.. Leraern, I graduated 12/03 so I wasn't able to ask my instructors about the new format. I am also worried about the higher percentage of the pharmacology questions. I am not able to remember all those medications, how will you be preparing for this exam. For me, I am using the Kaplan online. Many of my classmates took Kaplan and said for sure that's what made them pass. One more thing what do you think about the fact that the BRN are increasing the standards of passing. I am just so nervous about this exam. Any more info would be great. Thanks
  11. by   purplemania
    check out the NCLEX site to dispel rumors and pick up accurate info on test questions.
  12. by   leraern
    jazznkate..........Right now I have been reading the Kaplan book(2003-2004), Saunders, Lippincott, and the NCLEX 3000 disk. I have been asking around also about study methods. Some of the people on this site told me that practicing answering questions, as many as possible, would help. I was also trying to find out if new study material was going to be available with the new format of the exam but I haven't been able to. As for pharmacology, unfortunately, during my program, we did not get a pharm class so I am just as bad with medications. I know the common ones but that is one of my weakest points right now. I'm not sure how I'm gonna study for that. I'm somewhat nervous also so I just been trying to practice questions to keep content fresh in my mind. I'll keep in touch and let you know if I find out anything else......