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I have violated a hospital policy, not in patient care or a hippa violation, but I've made a mistake of hooking up with a coworker in the parking lot after work. This ended up to the manager, and we... Read More

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    couldn't careless what you think, you're opinion does not matter.
    Then why did you put this out here in this forum in the first place?????
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    Good day:

    My recommenation would be to ask for a meeting with HR and fall on the proverbial sword.

    Tell them you understand you made an extremely poor judgement choice which reflected poorly on the organization. Share how sorry you are for this decision; and what steps you are willing to take to make sure it will not happen again.

    Let them know how much you like the organization and your job (presuming you do); and that if they are willing to work with you through this lack of poor judgement on your part, you will show them your loyalty and dedication over time in thanks for their mercy and grace.

    It is possibly they may be open to putting you on probation or a form there of; and give you a second chance. If that happens, do be sure to give it your all to show they were not mistaken in giving you that second chance.

    Thank you.
    ^^Yeah, that.^^ I read through this whole thread because I wanted to tell you that.^^

    I'm sorry so many other people are so judgmental - amazing isn't it?
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    Quote from SionainnRN
    Word got to HR cause her husband found out and wanted the RT fired. The RT didn't get fired but could no longer work in our ICU, which is how we all found out.
    Why is it even the RT's fault? It takes two to tango right?

    I'm always amazed how men, in particular, feel the need to address this issue with the other guy. In this case, get the guy fired.

    Yes, in relationships people can get hurt and if addressing it diplomatically does not resolve the issue, then why stay? In this case, given a male there are so many females out there. Last I check in the US, women outnumber men. Sheesh! Relax people.

    I had an ex turn questioning my love for her because I didn't seem to care whether she moved on. The fact is, I cared about her and her unfounded jealousy led her to 'listen' to some other dude. I wished her well and we remained friends in fact. I will be invested in a relationship and will be quick to move on just the same after several attempts at solving a problem. Now for marriage, one needs more resilience! lol
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    This is the most entertainment I ve had all week (sadly) thank you adam.
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    Well, you're obviously doomed and your title alone says you are getting canned.
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