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Catzilla's Latest Activity

  1. Catzilla

    Words You Hate

    Mucoid Gelatinous *cringe*
  2. Catzilla

    I need to interview a public health or hospice nurse for school

    Thank you, Rose_Queen!
  3. Catzilla

    I need to interview a public health or hospice nurse for school

    Can someone tell me what this yellow side blue side business is? I only have green. 😜 when I'm on my laptop, I haven't noticed any different sides either...I can't the interweb!!!
  4. Catzilla

    9/5 What I learned this week.....

    I've learned today that I somehow can't post a new topic. The button has seemed to have vanished both on the website and the app. 😐
  5. Catzilla

    9 Newbie Nurse Mistakes to Avoid

    #2, 3, 4, 9. Now that I'm not so new, I mostly just do #2. All of the time. I'm broken! 😜
  6. Catzilla


    , The objective in this is to make sure that you have an gel of some sort to occlude the vessel track. And then cover with the TSM and the patient must remain supine x 30 minutes s/p removal. Checks thereafter are done frequently for the first hour to monitor for complication r/t removal. Post removal, if the insertion site is covered with an occlusive substance and an occlusive dressing, why would it be necessary to remain supine s/p CVC removal?
  7. Catzilla

    Help, I hate Vomit - Can I still be a nurse??

    Depending on where you work, there isn't really THAT much vomit. If someone says "I think I'm going to be sick" take it SERIOUSLY and throw them a barf bag as you simultaneously push zofran. In 3 years, I've only had one of my patients puke like 3x. Not too bad.
  8. Catzilla

    So...What Kind of Nursing Task Do You LIKE?

    Also, ivp meds- mainly versed. Washing faces and ears- a freshly washed face and clean ears somehow make patients look less sick.
  9. Catzilla

    So...What Kind of Nursing Task Do You LIKE?

    Clocking out comes to mind first. With a little thought, I could also say that I enjoy patient education and therapeutic hypothermia.
  10. Catzilla

    A Public Thank You

    Oh no, not at all! I'm afraid of someone in real life figuring out who i am. Paranoid I know!!! Of course no one could ever prove a thing!
  11. Catzilla

    A Public Thank You

    I like the idea of changing my username! I love my username, but I really don't post much for fear of being "outted" irl. I I don't think I've established much of anything here to warrant keeping my name..hmm. And That's my sleeping pill yammerings about considering upgrading my account as well. *takes bow, curtain drops*
  12. Catzilla

    What nursing task do you loathe???

    One of the worst smells!!
  13. Catzilla

    You should know better

    I think spaghettios would be tasty going down or coming up. So good!! 😋
  14. Catzilla

    What I learned this week (7/11/15)

    But did you make any pearls?
  15. Catzilla

    Reasons patients turn on their call light

    Can you open my curtians? Can you open this tube of Pringles? What time is it? What's going on? Can you help my find the Hallmark channel/Fox news/QVC? ...and my all time winner.... Pt was witnessed multiple times pressing the call button and then laying down on the floor- the fake faller!!!
  16. Catzilla

    How is the audio in the CCRN Review DVD's

    The DVDs are the same in terms of sound quality.