I Was Right

  1. I failed. Nothing more to say, just I failed
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  3. by   Tweety
    I'm so sorry to hear that. Best wishes for future success.
  4. by   Nurse Ratched
    That stinks - I am sorry. I don't want you to freak, though. You *will* take it again and you *will* pass. Warm thoughts your way. Be bummed today and tomorrow start looking at what needs to happen to get you back in front of that computer.
  5. by   jnette

    It hurts. But you WILL get over this hurt and get back on that horse, and ride wildly off into the sunset on that white sandy beach, hair flowing behind you, holding that degree high for all the world to see !

    You CAN... and you WILL. :kiss
  6. by   traumaRUs
    Take care of yourself, cry, get angry today but then move on, study some more and YOU WILL DO IT!
  7. by   ADNCyn
    Know that my heart goes out to you, I am so sorry to hear the news. Please keep trusting in the Lord, all things are truly possible. He's got your back, you just keep looking ahead. God loves us, what a perfect LOVE. He knows we have wants and needs and trust that He will tend to every one of them. For there is a season for everything. He has great things in store for you. Chin up...With love and compassion... :kiss
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  8. by   J Lynn
    I'm also sorry to hear the news. I thought about what I would do if I hadn't passed and before I got my license, I prayed to God that He would help me to accept whatever the outcome was. I knew in my heart that if I failed, it didn't mean I wasn't meant to be a nurse, It just meant it wasn't my time, but that my time would come. Only He knows where He wants you to be and maybe that opportunity isn't available yet, so when you do pass, it will. God bless you and stay with us to get a ton of support.
  9. by   lovinghands
    ( ( ( ( chrysalus ) ) ) )

    i am so sorry you are going through this right now. please give yourself some time to grieve and sort out your feelings. do you have people you can lean on right now?

    the test is your final hurdle - don't give up, you are almost there! you can & will pass that bleeping test ... think it, believe it, feel it.

    let us know how you are doing - if you need review suggestions, please ask!
  10. by   leraern
    so sorry to hear that, but a lot of people take it twice before they pass. so, all is not lost. just do more practice questions and don't give up whatever you do. keep your head up....
  11. by   mother/babyRN
    It will be ok even though you don't feel that way right now..You need to try and think less negatively. Many nurses don't pass the first or even the second time...Two nurspe practitioners and my current nurse manager, to name a few...Many hugs..Next time we want to hear that you felt you were right and passed because WE believe in you..If you did a poll here and people were honest ( and they are), you would likely be shocked at the numbers of people who had to take the exam more than once. Doesn't reflect on the nurse or person you are...It just is.....So sorry you have to feel so badly.....Hang in there.....
  12. by   Emilys Mom
    Quote from chrysalus1003
    I failed. Nothing more to say, just I failed
    I know saying I know how you feel doesn't help you but believe me I do know first hand. I was really heart broken and couldn't make myself study for a while after the first time so give yourself some time off and then go back to it. I used the NCLEX 3000 CD and Saunders questions and answers. Email me privately if you want to talk. I'll be on vacation for a week.
  13. by   teelaticeNY
    I am sorry to hear the news, but please don't give up. Like someone said many nurses don't pass the first time. I believe your time will come.
  14. by   happystudent
    I am truly sorry........
    I remember how I felt after taking my exam.thinking that I failed. I can ONLY imagine what you are going thru right now.

    You can and WILL pass. Believe in your abilities.
    Its hell, I know. But you can DO THIS!
    Now you know how the exam is in "real life", so that is a benefit to you.
    Stay strong, think positive.