I Passed The Nclex!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. YAY!! I just found out this morning, I am doing the happy dance now! :hatparty:
    I was soo stressed all night long, I could barely sleep, I was nauseas and had a splitting headache. I was actually afraid to find out, I thought I did so terribly, as anyone who read my thread about failing at 77 questions knows.

    To all of you about to take it, best of luck, and try to have more confidence in yourself than I did. Chances are, you'll walk out of the testing center feeling like you failed, but unfortunately, that's just the nature of the test.
    I am so happy now! Thanks to every who sent encouragment!
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  3. by   suehp
    COngrats :hatparty:
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    - I sooooo know what you mean regarding the 77 questions. Mine cut off at 75, and I was SURE that I was the only one in Chaffey hx to flunk so bad!
  6. by   yvonneRN2B
    I am so happy for you. Don't forget to keep me in your prayers on Friday. California does not allow you to call Pearson to get your results, so I just have to wait and hope I show up on the CA BRN soon after....
  7. by   warhawk
    CONGRATS.... on being a new RN. May U have a fun and successful career. Remember this happy moment whenever U have those stressful days.

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    yvonne, all the best to you!
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    hey caroline RN~


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    Congrats ! :hatparty:
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    Hi Caroline,

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    You Did It!!!

    A big congratulations........................
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    congratulations :hatparty: