I never thought...

  1. ...that I would have to worry about someone stealing my stethoscope!!! I worked at another campus of my hospital (same unit, ICU) a couple of weeks ago and put my stethoscope on the counter where I was sitting...got up for a moment and a doc took my chair (which is annoying) and totally forgot about it. It was almost time to go home, so all my assessments were done for the night...I did not realize I left it there until 2 days later when I went to assess a patient. I immediately called over there and no one had seen it...of course. I asked so many people, and went back over there to look, but alas, it was not there. The most annoying thing to me is that I did not have my name on it:selfbonk: This stethoscope was a graduation gift from my parents, so it is extra sad. I hope whoever has it, is enjoying it and really really needed it.
    Thanks...needed to vent!
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  3. by   Gompers
    Yep, unfortunately stethescope theft is a big problem at hospitals. Other staff members, patients, and their families have all been known to swipe unlabeled scopes. People will take anything that isn't nailed down!!!

    Next time, do one of two things. If it's a nice stethescope ($$$$) pay a few extra bucks and have your name engraved on the metal part. If it's a cheaper one, then just use a Sharpie to write your name on the tubing. If you don't like having the scope around your neck, get one of those hip clips for it. Basically, even if it has your name on it, dont' leave it laying around.

    I'm so sorry that such a special gift was taken from you.
  4. by   amy0123
    Sorry about your stethoscope!! Name engravement is the best option to prevent future dissappearances.

    I would like to engrave my stethoscope, but I'm not sure where to go. But I'll check online.
  5. by   DolphinRN84
    I'm so sorry about your stethoscope. If you plan on getting another one, make sure you get it engraved so at least the person who takes it knows it has a name on it. Again, I'm really sorry.
  6. by   Jamesdotter
    It's not just stethoscopes, either. One day a resident handed me a pair of scissors to cut some tape. I cut it and out them in my pocket. "Hey, where's my scissors?" sez he. And I said "They're mine. See, they have my name on them." He sort of slunk out of the room.
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  7. by   Tweety
    I have "lost" so many sthethoscopes over the years, I've resorted to buying the cheapest I can find.

    I'm sorry.
  8. by   GeminiTwinRN
    i'm sorry about your scope, but thanks for the warning!
  9. by   NurseyBaby'05
    Some of the people I work with take chart tape and put different colored rings around the tubing so they can tell at a glance if it's their stethoscope or not. A lot of people walk off with things without realizing it until they've seen two other floors of patients and can't remember where they got the steth or other things in the first place. I only let someone use it if I happen to be in the room that they need it in and I ask for it back immediately. If someone needs one for rounds, he gets the cheapie disposable from the isolation supplies. Sorry, I don't have all day to follow you around.
  10. by   jade-athyst
    Dr.s are known for stethescope "theft". I think they do it absentmindedly, without even realizing it. You should ask the doctor who took your seat that day. He may have picked it up accidentally. Finding just the right way to word it might be tough, but it would be worth it to get such a sentimental gift back.
  11. by   gracie05
    My mom is convinced it was the doctor too!! I am rarely at that campus, so I do not see him very much. I could probably have one of the other nurses on that campus ask him...I keep hoping it will just magically turn up!!
  12. by   augigi
    Post a message on the noticeboard too - mine disappeared and reappeared heaps of times when someone accidentally walked off with it.
  13. by   crb613
    This happened to one of the nurses where I work. She saw the doctor pick it up and said hey...that is mine.....the doctor swore it was hers & was a gift from her staff! How sad is that? I don't know the outcome but there was a big uproar.
  14. by   Drysolong
    My stethoscope rarely leaves my neck at work. Sometimes other nurses borrow it, but always give it back or I ask for it after an hour or so.