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I graduated in December, and have been working on an inpatient oncology unit since. I DREAD going to work each week. The days I do have off, I'm too tired to enjoy. I'm not overwhelmed or any of the... Read More

  1. by   selkie
    I think I got the idea of the backbreaking work while I was in clinicals :-). How could one not? I've heard the expression "nurses eat their young" of course but in my own personal experience, the mature nurses have been the greatest mentors...encouraging and sane.
    Some of the very young nursing grads on the other hand..lol..can be a bit full of themselves. I put it down to being excited about simply being a nurse and finishing school, and just.. being very young and not mature- but they don't seem to get that ... simply graduating and having a license does not make one expert on any level.
  2. by   usedRN
    I've been a nurse little over 4 years in a ICU. I had the worst 25yr old patient today and I started hating Nursing because of that. I want to change my profession.. this ain't a profession...
  3. by   NoviceRN10
    Quote from selkie
    I am not happy with nursing but my experience is/ has been/ different than Bree's. Maybe I'm just lucky, but I've worked with some really wonderful nurses that I respect a great deal. Actually.. that's partly why I went to nursing school- I like many of the nurses I meet. So intuitively I thought.. I'd llike nursing. There are some aspects of it I don't mind but for the most part (at least my own limited experience) I find it not very engaging intellectually and brutally hard, long hours on your feet, and not at all supportive of the health of the nurses themselves. First do no harm? - doesn't seem to apply to nurses, does it.. I find it incomprehensible that the medical profession thinks it is possible to work 12 hours/ day caring for others with no personal health consequence. Okay, lol...this IS why I hate nursing. Soul sucking and health consequences...but I still like other nurses. Not all of em of course- I have met some catty types but those exist everywhere.

    I agree. I work with some very nice/supportive coworkers. They are not the problem. The long hours, lack of proper staffing, being pulled in 8 directions at once, and the stress of possibly screwing up is wearing on me.
  4. by   RTRNBSN
    Wow... this is SO disheartening to read. I haven't even got started in the profession yet, but to hear how most of you hate your job, which you've all spent/wasted (<--depending on your outlook I guess lol) 2-4 years of our life working towards in school, is crazy.

    Does this field suck or what?

    I'm currently a CNA/Tech and am curious to how different it'll be once hired as an RN... Maybe I should have been an engineer or something lol.
  5. by   BanoraWhite
    Quote from misplaced1
    I agree with Eyeball. Ruby Vees post is just plain nasty. If the things she has posted here are truely how she feels I suspect the respect she believes she is getting from new nurses is just plain fear. Many people like to instill fear in others they see as weaker to make them feel superior.
    I see you haven't had a run in with Ruby before. Get used to it.
  6. by   NotReady4PrimeTime
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  7. by   WpinBttsNTakinNames
    Wow. It's so nice to hear others so incredibly fed up with the system as I am. I felt like, as a "baby nurse," with less than 2 years of experience, I was just not smart enough, not efficient enough, not confident enough. I'm now reading comments from nurses who have been in the profession for 10+ years with the same feelings as I have...what a breath of fresh air. It really helps to put everything in perspective; nursing may be "a calling" to some, but when it comes down to it, its a job, with cash being the bottom line for all its employers, and the more efficient and effective you are with the least amount of resources and time, the more you're worth to your boss. Wouldn't it be nice if pure passion and love and dedication to making the world a better place could be transformed into hard money? Yes, that would be awesome. Until I find THAT sweet job, I'm going to keep putting up with the profession I chose, and try my best to remain a decent and sane person while doing so. Wiping poop and being belittled sucks...but who has the last laugh? The man coming in for his 3rd heart attack who gets his family to sneak him a Whopper or Fried Chicken, or the nurse who will watch him, and many like him, die? Damn! When did I become so cynical?!
  8. by   kdc290
    I hate nursing for all the right reasons. I work in the rehab section of a nursing home. A very good one at that. People fight to get family in ours. The problem is.....they think that third shift does nothing. So we are given so many nitpicky things to do along with last med pass, treatments, tube feedings and Iv care that I don't get to pee until I get home at 9am. Enough with the rant. I think most of us really like bedside nursing, but hate everything stupid and unnecessary that takes us away from it (triple documentation-mar, tar and notes and or other mar documentation on the same thing!) I feel burned out. Can't sleep. Eat too much some days and nothing the next. We shouldn't be put through this. I want my life back and I want to feel normal again. Perhaps I haven't found the right job. I will continue looking.
  9. by   Sunset87
    I hate nursing at times. I'm almost finished with my orientation on a post partum unit. I just got my evaluation. I like the unit, but my personality is holding me back. Maybe I'm not cut out for nursing. I felt this way through school. I'm a very shy and cautious person and those aren't skills needed as an RN. I feel like I am progressing, but too slow. Being cautious is a good thing, but when it makes me go so slow that I get behind it's not a good thing. I don't know if I'll ever overcome my shyness and be able to be a great charge nurse. Once I'm off of orientation, I'm expected to be charge nurse. The whole hospital is short staffed, so I will probably be the only RN on my shift. I feel like I don't have the personality of a nurse. Thank you for letting me vent.
  10. by   AnneCurrey
    Yes, go be an engineer or something else. Hey, those few years in nursing school will just become a footnote in your life.
    Because of the women's movement, there is a wonderful array of careers to select from. You don't have to be stuck doing this and cheered on by those who have long since left bedside nursing.
    A career should be enjoyed and not something that puts a knot in one's stomach every time one goes off to work and something is very wrong. If a job makes somebody depressed, the person needs to get out. So what if you have to go back to school? There are many companies out there that have loan forgiveness. Go to a career cournselor to see what would be suited for you. It's about the job fitting you...and not you trying to fit the job.
  11. by   AnneCurrey
    I am reading these posts and I am wondering why young people would stay or "put up" with a job that is depressing them, upsetting them, sapping their joy, etc. This is not the 1950's or 60's where women could only be librarians, secretaries, hairdressers or nurses. You can be anything you want. Just go for it. If you get in some debt, then so be it. Your next job may have loan assistance. Be a doctor or a lawyer or anything that interests you.
    Life is more than working a "job" that you hate.
  12. by   AnneCurrey
    Quote from porridge
    I truly believe that nurses are the "Victorian servant class" of the 21st century. Working all hours; wearing our bodies out until we're in chronic pain; being abused by all and sundry; taking the blame for anything that goes wrong and almost never receiving any kudoes for the things that go right. Yep, I hate nursing too. I'm too old to do anything else and I have to pay to put my kids through college, so on I go, forcing a smile on my face while patients talk to me as though I'm something nasty stuck to the bottom of their shoe. It is what it is.

    .....Do case management or something in insurance. I finally quit and am doing case management part time and working retail women't clothing for another two days a week.
    I 'm just where you are and I am telling these young people to get out now before they are stuck. A job should be enjoyable and rewarding to the person doing it. A young person should not have - yet another bad day - get a smile from a patient and then think that "it's worth it". It's not worth it, not by a longshot. When other young people their ages are doing business internships, being mentored and nurtured into careers, girls who go into nursing are exhausted, depressed and disheartened walking around in scrubs and sneakers. Nothing like getting dressed up and feeling good about your appearance.
    I now believe that girls who go into nursing haven't done enough homework on other career choice or have moms who were/are nurses or worse yet, decided to be nurses at a young age and this was kept in their heads.
  13. by   joanna73
    Unfortunately, nursing is facing more challenges at the moment than in the last 20 years or so. While I am new to nursing, this is my second (and last) career. I can say to all of you younger new nurses that the grass is not greener on the other side. Politics is everywhere, and you learn to find the positives. The great thing about nursing is the opportunities for growth. Maybe it takes time to find your niche.

    I have to say, I enjoy working nights and weekends. It fits with my schedule, and there are premiums. Even if you don't, well...you do it anyway. That's part of the territory. People require care 24/7.