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Hello all, I am curious to know, about how many people took the HESI RN exit exam and did well, and also did well on the NCLEX? Or vice versa? I took my HESI exam on may 7th, and scored 100... Read More

  1. by   Dreamer-RN
    Quote from doeRAYmee
    I did not pass the Hesi exit exam. I think I was like 60 points away from passing. My instructors told us to go over the Hesi material before we took it. But ah yeah couldn't do that because it was the week of my last final. I took NCLEX and passed the first time with 75 questions. I have two other classmates that I know that failed Hesi and passed NCLEX the first time.
    I was 20pts from passing Exit HESI. I took the NCLEX this week for the first time and pass with 75 questions.
  2. by   daisykip
    I'm getting anywhere from 70-80% on practice tests using saunder's & i scored a 940 on the hessi right after i graduated almost 2 months ago. When i reviewed passing scores for the hessi it said anywhere from a 850 to 900 was good for the nclex. I take the nclex exam in 3 days, is there anyone with scores similar to mine who passed the nclex? Thanks.... Not really sure what to think!
  3. by   VRN-RN
    hesi and nclex are different at least i think so.. it took me 5 tries to pass my school exit hesi exam.. and on nclex i passed on the firs try! i think the hesi is harder than nclex... it all has to do with how u take the test.. test taking trategy. with hesi i thought u can know your stuff and still fail... at least thats what happened to me.. not only that there can be couple of questions where the answer i choose was right according to book... but hesi says its not.. then when i asked instructors about it they would say.. oh it can be a "pilot question"...
  4. by   alexop
    I honestly felt the HESI and NCLEX were a guessing game. I did not study for HESI and somehow managed to score 902. I took a Kaplan course for NCLEX and did some practice questions everyday for 2 weeks before the exam and passed in 75 questions. I felt it was a lot better knowing how to answer the questions, rather than the material. My friend studied everyday for a month (over 7 hours a day) and knew all of the material, but took 265 questions in order to pass. The questions on NCLEX vary so much, you never really know what you're going to get. I felt like I failed, but to my surprise I didn't! Good luck!
  5. by   MsbossyRN
    When I took my Hesi exit exam I got 1,022 our school only recommends an 850. I then took then NCLEX a month later(took that long to get ATT) after going on vacation and I passed first time with 75 questions. I do think it indicated how you will do on NClEX
  6. by   daisykip
    Just wanted to let everyone know that I tooh the NCLEX last week & I passed with 75! I previously posted that I passed the HESI with a score of 940!
  7. by   Orange Tree
    I scored 996 on HESI and thought it was pretty easy. NCLEX made me cry and I was sure I failed it, buuut I didn't
  8. by   NightNurse876
    I passed the Hesi with a great score 1100+ but the NCLEX took a lil more, I passed with a little over 100 questions, first try. At my school you werent allowed to graduate if you couldnt get an 850 on hesi. I also know two classmates who passed hesi 900+ and failed NCLEX with 265 questions...so yea, its how you answer those critical thinking questions really. I mesed up on my first question on NCLEX and I think thats why I had more questions...your answer to the first question weighs heavily on the dirction of your exam, in my opinion.