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  1. MsbossyRN

    Midwife faces involuntary manslaughter charges

    The mother should be brought up on charges as well.
  2. MsbossyRN

    NLN Passing Score for Norfolk State University

    find another nursing program a.s.a.p....don't do it
  3. MsbossyRN

    What is the maximum number of patients per nurse?

    7 acute care pts, nights with NO aide...happens very often NOC shift in Va.
  4. In nursing school I was taught to use sterile technique. At the hospital I work at we are to use clean technique only.
  5. MsbossyRN

    Have you ever worn scrubs off the job?

    lol I've gotten so used to wearing clean scrub tops over jeans to nursing school. That I still throw such things on when I'm running errands. To me scrub tops are comfy with some good jeans. As far my scrubs that I wear to work, I usually walk through the door and toss them in the dirty clothes. My shoes stay at the door, and I hop in the shower.
  6. MsbossyRN

    Electonic documentation,how much time does it take from the bedside?

    Some places use great electronic systems. We are no allowed to double chart. If its checked off in one program, no need to put it somewhere else. Charting by exception helps too. I would rather chart on a computer as opposed to paper charting any day. I think it makes everything easier. Everything about my patient is right there in one place. I find that charting doesn't take away from patient care in most cases. Most nurses I work with don't spend most of their day charting. We are in there with the patients getting stuff done. Now if something is serious, like a rapid response then of course a lot of charting would have to be done. Suggest the improvements where you work at, hopefully changes can be made.
  7. MsbossyRN

    What would you change about nursing?

    1. Higher pay 2. Better staffing 3. "great patients" 4. Supportive staff/management
  8. MsbossyRN

    Subcutaneous SQ Injection in Buttocks?

    Not sure why that would be an issue, its sub Q. There is usually loads of fatty tissue in that area. :)
  9. Quick question: Why why why would one spend soo much to become an RN when there are much cheaper options available? I could have sworn I saw 100,000 in student loan debt. I'm really sleeply after working a 12 :nuke:, so I might be wrong. But 100,000 to become an RN? I am shocked and amazed. I hope that is at least for a bsn.... I'm just curious, really. Oh congrats on passing the Nclex. I hope you find a job very very soon (hopefully you already have one). The new grad job market is a little in the dumps. Well I wish you the best. I wouldn't wish that much debt on anyone.
  10. MsbossyRN

    Warning: Stay away from...

    There is no way someone would be able to encourage me to re-use a needle, or push needless procedures on unsuspecting patients. I would be out the door so fast, before training was even up, and I'd be reporting them any and everywhere! Good thing you got out when you did.
  11. MsbossyRN

    What scrubs do you like best?

    Koi, makes the most fashionable scrubs. I like feeling like I'm not wearing boring scrubs, or crazy cartoon print.
  12. MsbossyRN

    California law now allows convicted felons in home healthcare program

    Oh wait its okay because it's saving the state money. It is their alternative to having to shell out money to pay nursing homes for the poor. Apparently you can be convicted of RAPING a three year old and still keep your job. :no:Why? Because it saves the state money!!! This has to be one of the saddest things I have read about in a while. I give it a year and another article will be out about a spike in elder, child, and financial abuse. That's like saying, "well you committed check fraud, rape against a minor, forging prescriptions, and assault. But its okay because you will work for cheap." I am beyond shocked. How this was passed with the people in the state causing a uproar is beyond me. Also the fact that because of privacy issues the people that these people will be working with cannot even be warned is shocking. I am all for people having second chances but you don't send them right back into areas where you know they will more than likely have issues in.
  13. MsbossyRN

    How does a new grad become a CCRN?

    Do the flu shots. It gives you a job as an RN, and a reference if you are dependable and such. Also it can lead to networking into hospitals and to other jobs. I did not get any responses as a new grad anywhere until i started working for flu clinics. Then I started getting interviews left and right. Getting a job as an RN is better than just siting around complaining about how bad the market is. Everybody already knows, employers still want to know how you would be on a job.
  14. MsbossyRN

    can i be reported to the state?

    It usually stays in your system about 30 days. No you won't be reported you just will not get the job. You will more than likely get blacklisted if that hospital is part of a network under the same name. If you get offered a job don't fail the test :nuke:!!! Either wait it out or do something else http://tinyurl.com/32yua2e. Also no more pot its not worth it!
  15. Honestly I do not think employers look to highly at RNs or LPNs working as aides. There first thoughts are "Why has this person not worked or is not working as an RN". I still say apply everywhere that you can and try any position with the title RN. Working as a seasonal flu clinic RN for two different companies really started getting my resume noticed for positions in hospitals and such. Good luck!!