Hang in there new Grads and New Nurses it does get better..I PROMISE - page 5

This board for 1st year nurses saved me from quitting my job numerous times. I came here and still come here to rant, whine, complain, tell how great/horrible my shift was, and mostly for advice from... Read More

  1. by   indonurse_uci
    wow.... ur story opens my eyes more, thank's LOL.....
    God bless nurses
  2. by   indonurse_uci
    We all once ever wondered, why did we choose this career i suppose...... really relieving to know that it's not only me..... thank's guys
  3. by   nurseontheway
    I can't thank you enough Angie for sharing your experience. I just got my RN license and am still looking for that first job that will give me a break as a 'new grad.' It really sounds like you have come a long way and it is so encouraging to read about your success.
  4. by   dlh310
    Amazing post! Gives me some hope. Thanks
  5. by   CASEYLYNN
    I found every detail of your blog to be helpful even though I'm not yet in school, I start 1-11-11! I come from a family of medical field workers and have friends that have said so many of the same things you wrote. I admire your acclompishments and hope you give yourself some credit for what you have been thru and over come! You are an inspiration. I plan to read more blogs and have told my sister abt this website so she can get some support as well!
  6. by   Lidia Anali
    thanks angie!!
    i am a graduate from high school
    and this fall i plan on pursuing in classes for nursing!
    i am very excited and nervous about becoming a nurse.
    but i will be honest and say that i fall in love with everyone's experiences that i read!
    you are very strong and you have inspired me to follow my dreams no matter what! (:
    congratulations on such amazing progress and growth you have made!
  7. by   sweetmissdixie
    This is so awesome... thank you for this! I am proud of you just reading this!! I can't wait to come into my own, I have only been orienting for a month. I really appreciate this encouraging story!
  8. by   CanCanLuck
    I knew about all these craziness taking place on the floor and even though I have not expereinced such thing, I had promised myself to never ever to get bullied and to know everything i must know before going on my floor. I will do my best in everything I face and I will do my best to maintain the peace.

    Stories like yours helped me become even stronger and a more determine nurse!

    Thank you and congratulation! I will pray for your better days!
  9. by   phatluck
    I wish I had seen this before I gave up and turned in my resignation. From what I've read in your article is that you never lost your sense of humor and what you really cared about - your love of nursing and your patients. Thank you for sharing this.
  10. by   Cris748
    So I am on my eighth week of orientation and I have cried about once a week. I feel like I am not making any connections, not fast enough and still having problems remembering everything like my preceptor does. I am a young nurse and so I feel like the older nurses step all over me. My preceptor wants all the doc flowsheets done by a certain time and by that time I am still giving meds primarily because I want to do it correctly like checking the BP before giving a diuretic or beta blocker or administering one med at a time into the g-tube. I feel like people are saying that I am asking stupid questions and why can't she take an admission when she ONLy has 4 patients while the other nurses have five or six. I am so stressed out and sometimes I dread going to the hospital which was something I was always so excited for while in nursing school. I also question myself alot in when I should call the Dr, resident or surgery because I feel like I may be telling them something tha is okay because the values I was taught in school are different from the ones they have. I feel so hopeless. I really hope it gets better because I feel like I went into the wrong profession for me.
  11. by   phatluck
    I have felt as you did in all counts. I wish I could say something positive to help you keep going. There are many articles in this website that will. Good luck to you.
  12. by   deemalt
    I feel your pain Cris748! I am in my 6th week of orientation at a superbusy long term acute facility (LTAC). This type of hospital deals with patients that will have longer term stays but with complex medical conditions - think lots o vents! I'm due to be kicked out of the nest after a total of 8 weeks. Problem is the first two weeks my preceptor was being assigned to the HOU (high observation unit) where the patient ratio was 2:1 - a totally different world than the med-surg floor that I was hired for.

    I have been feeling completely overwhelmed and barely able to keep up with my patient load. I'm being trained for days so I'm also dealing with families, doctors, case managers, you name it. I have actually noticed that I'm starting to get sloppy with my care while trying to manage my time and charting - paper by the way.

    I felt like a total loooooser today because I set up a meeting with my educational director to see if I could get some help. Of course I totally broke down crying immediately (I hate it when that happens!!). After I got hold of myself and we talked it out we decided to lessen my patient load by one for a few days so that I can catch up with the groove on the med-surg floor and possibly extend my orientation. I really had to put my ego aside for this but I'm hoping in the end it will make me a more competent nurse in the future.

    Most nurses say that they have felt this way too in the beginning. I keep looking around at some of the nurses I work with and think "jeez, if they can do it I should be able to". Alright... actually I pick the most inept nurse and MENTALLY say "if that dummy can do it than I can too" (sooo not PC, I know).

    Bottom line is, I'm not going to let all my hard work in school go down the tubes. Millions of nurses have gone through this, cried like us, felt like us, and persevered. I just can't wait to be on the other side and have a year under my belt!
  13. by   ToughLover
    Thank you so much for posting that, it actually made me cry a little. I am having the WORST time, I hate my job so far. Your story gives me a little hope.