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  1. job2010

    STRESS LEVEL: Home health VS Hospital job

    Thank you very much for the information. The agency has wonderful orientation, so I just waiting to start clinical part. By the way we are not dealing with blood, but I’m not sure about chest tubes. We do take care of stomas. As I can see now, it’s a lot of double work: paperwork then computer. So, I’ll see. Thanks a lot. J
  2. job2010

    STRESS LEVEL: Home health VS Hospital job

    hi, i’m going to start orientation this month (home care). i don't have hospital experience (new grad). please, if you have any special advice about oasis and in general. thanks a lot!!!
  3. job2010

    What to do???

    Keep it to yourself if you want this job. All about the law is only on the paper. Now they choose best from the best. Just be careful with your health. If you feel you can make it take this offer. God Bless You.
  4. job2010

    New grad RN finds job at ltc, but getiing paid as LPN

    I’m sure you will get experience; at least your brain keep working. It’s better than just looking for a job. Good Luck!!!
  5. job2010

    Let's introduce ourselves...

    Hi, I think it's late but I wish you GOOD LUCK. Hope you got this job!!!
  6. job2010

    Any hospital hiring new grads? anywhere in the country?

    It seems awful!!! Nobody give as chance to get this 1 year of experience. Every other semester there more and more new graduate nurses coming out of nursing schools. Probably, somebody should speak up for us. I am sure it will change but WHEN???
  7. job2010

    Scared Of Poop!!!!!!!!! Help!!!!!!!

    Don't worry about that, just when you need to... take a breath through the mouth it helps. Good luck!
  8. Thanks Morettia2, good support for all new nurses..... I'm just looking for a job, but I'll remember your words for the future!!! :up:
  9. job2010

    Just got my acceptance letter!!!

    :yeah::yeah: GOOD LUCK!!!!
  10. job2010

    I can't believe it !!!

    Congratulation, I got my pinning in May 2009. Same feelings, can’t believe. Good luck with NCLEX and of course with job!!!!!
  11. job2010

    Starting to doubt nursing....

    You need to think about your personality type. What is your inner drive or motive? Is not only about caring. If you get joy by helping others, you can respect others and have patience, have inner power to care…. Nursing school is not easy as well. You need to like those subjects in order to study them. I do not work yet, I just got my license. I enjoyed the clinical experience while in the school. Some people go for nursing because they think of good money (in reality nurse work for every penny that she/he earned). They had hard time. I mean they hate to study, they hate clinical and even patients make them sick. But, I am sure it is not that they will be bad nurses. It’s just about to find right place to work.
  12. job2010

    Can a RN work as a nursing aide/assistant

    Hi everyone! What about NYC, is RN license good to work as SNA? Is SNA same as LPN? Thanks!!!
  13. job2010

    FINALLY....A JOB!!!!

    Congratulations!!! Good luck to you. Get 1 year of experience and you will have chance to change for better place.....
  14. Nice article, but nothing that make me feels better!! Sorry.
  15. job2010

    New Grad...A must read!!!

    hi nurses!!! i'm new graduate as well. this is really problem now as i see all over the country. it's sad. where we can get experience if nobody wants to give us chance? :ounfortunately, this was not a good time to finish the school. but i'm sure everyone will find place its matter of time, just be positive and keep going:loveya:we came here in the world of nurses and we have to stay here for those who needs us. good luck to all.