First Year Almost Over, No Magical "Ah ha" Moment Yet

  1. Hi AN. I am a new grad almost at my one year mark and am worried. Everyone says that after a year something just clicks and suddenly you just get it. This famed moment has not happened for me yet and its starting to make me nervous... There are still so many times a everyday where I am not sure what to do and second guess my own opinions. I am anxious all the time. Nothing has gone horribly wrong, but nothing has been good either. Nothing has happened that I can really consider a success, I just get through each day doing the bare minimum of whats required of me and even struggling just to do that.

    Its just not happening for me like it apparently has for everyone else. Anyone else at all have this problem and what did you change to get past it?
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  3. by   owlRN01
    I think it's different for everyone. I'm a new grad and I just know myself enough to know that a year won't be enough time for me to feel comfortable. I don't know how long it's going to take but you can't really go by anyone elses opinion on this sort of thing. It is very individualized Good luck! I wish I was in your 1 year spot now as I am dreading that dumb feeling that always come with a new job and some days nursing scares the hell out of me because we have so much responsibility. If you ask your coworkers I am sure they would say you have come A LONG way! Be grateful of that
  4. by   brownbook
    I don't think there is a magical ah ha moment. Learn to let go of maybe your "ideal" idea of what the prefect nurse does. Does she really to a full head to toe assessment on every patient.......does she really never miss an IV.......does she really......(fill in the blank).

    Accept your limitations. Do the best you can. Your second guessing, anxiety, I think is the sign of a good nurse. I've been nursing a long time. I still have times I feel anxious and second guess.

    You will never know it all. Any nurse who thinks or claims she knows it all is lying.

    Admit you can't know it all and honestly can't always do it all. Realize the best nurse says "I don't know......what that drug is.....if that dose is to do that procedure......never worked with that equipment." Adding, "but I will find out." is certainly a good idea.
  5. by   roughmatch
    Ughhh. I am two months in and feel like my head is going to explode. Confidence lagging ... but I am going to keep showing up with a positive attitude every shift, and knowing (hoping) I walk out in thirteen (or fourteen or fifteen) hours. Hahaha. No, really ... ; )
  6. by   LindaBright
    You just have to keep pushing forward and doing your best. Its hard to not second-guess yourself and be confident in nursing, when it seems like everyone knows what they're doing, except you. As an experienced nurse, however, I can tell you that not a day goes by when I don't have a nagging doubt about something I've had to do that day (or night). We are not infallible, but we get the job done.
  7. by   Sun0408
    I am not experienced by any means. With 3 years on the job, I still have days or nights that are just crazy and I can't get anything done. I still question myself on when to call the doc, etc...and I bounce things off my co-workers. They also bounce things off me and ask for my help etc.. Everyday is something new, a new med and new DX or family dynamics that can throw you off. Its part of the challenge of nursing as well as the joy and pain in nursing. Point being, I don't think anyone has all the answers and never gets anxious or nervous, its nursing, peoples lives.

    Don't be so hard on yourself, I'm sure you are better than you were at week one on orientation I'm sure you have learned a lot in this year but you are not giving yourself credit.
  8. by   NurseDirtyBird
    A year is average, meaning half the nurses have that moment before then, and half get it after. Stop worrying. The day will come where you will realize at the end of your shift that you knew exactly what to do in almost every situation that came up. That day you will also have gotten everything done, including charting, in a reasonable amount of time. You will go home feeling like you accomplished something at work.
    It may take a little while, but it will come.
  9. by   turnforthenurse
    As previous posters have mentioned, it is indeed individualized. I didn't start to feel "comfortable" until about a year in. I've got 17 months of experience under my belt but there are still times where I am unsure or second guess myself. My coworkers are great with bouncing ideas off of them and vice versa (bounce their ideas off me). I definitely notice a big difference between when I first started and where I am confidence has grown and I am more "sure" of my decisions but as I mentioned before, there are still times where I may second guess myself. Don't be so hard on yourself!
  10. by   echoRNC711
    Hey, I'm 20yrs in and still waiting for that feeling!!

    Ok,ok, just kidding. If you are getting the job done, haven't killed anyone and can go home without feeling the need to high pitch ruminate you are there.

    Seriously it shows growth to recognize there is always more to learn. Begin worrying if you "know it all "

    Your pts are the best at judging and giving feed back. If they are happy then it's likely that you are already good.

    When new nurses or students come in offer to help them .You will be shocked and amazed to discover you know so much more than you thought you did.

    Nursing is like an onion,it's got a lot of layers (and as you birth each new one, it can come with tears.
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  11. by   echoRNC711
    In my practice I have noticed that the very best nurse's frequently are themselves the last to know!
  12. by   PMFB-RN
    If you can precept a nursing student or new grad nurse. You will quickly realize how far you have come.
  13. by   tyvin
    I didn't know there was an "Aha Moment"...
  14. by   Always_Learning
    Quote from echoRNC711
    If you...can go home without feeling the need to high pitch ruminate you are there.
    Hilarious, and oh-so-true...I used to have the market cornered on rumination!