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I'm a new grad graduated Jan 2012 hired into a Med Surge position in a level 2 hospital in Brooklyn. one week left to be on my own and completing my 8 week orientation I get fired. I didn't see it... Read More

  1. by   PennyWise
    Way back when, I was a landscaping supervisor. I often tried to venture out into other fields, I was only doing landscaping because it was what I had done when I was younger, I did not like it at all.

    One winter, I landed a job in a quality control lab with a company that did a lot of chemical contracting work. It was my DREAM JOB. Walking distance from my apt., a good bit better pay, benefits including vacation time and retirement, indoor work away from the snow, it was everything I was looking for in a job and my plan was to work for this company until I retired.

    I got along with my co-workers, the boss never had any critical comments for me, I was doing quality work at a good pace and of course I followed all the common sense "good worker" rules: arrive early, never stay late unless they asked me to, stayed well within the confines of m lunch break time limits, in perfect compliance with uniform policies.

    After three weeks I was let go. They sited "unsafe work habits/practices" as the reason. Someone had seen me walking down a flight of steps with "heavy boxes" in my hands (a safety no-no in this place, they had transport elevators you put stuff on so you never had to carry anything up and down stairs).

    The truth was, the box I had been carrying was only slightly bigger than a shoe box and it was empty. The only reason I was even carrying it was because another tech had walked upstairs with it, emptied the contents, and I was taking it back to the supply room to be refilled.

    I called everyone who would listen to explain the story: shift supervisors, the manager, HR. I even tried to get in touch with with the company president. It was to no avail. Those who bothered to listen, and they were few and far in between, gave me a prepared answer and informed me there was nothing they could do for me. In fact, I believe one supervisor did say "Maybe you just weren't a good fit. I'd move on."

    Well, years later (like, three years) I got the truth. I ran into one of the supervisors who bothered to try to help me. He had left the company not long after I did, but under his own circumstances. It turns out, the contract my unit had been working on was cancelled by the company. Why the contract was cancelled was never discussed with the employees, but it was heard through the wind that the client had missed a couple payments on the contract. The company had over hired expecting this contract to last many years and was left scrambling to find work for the people who were left in the lab. Some people had to take short term part time work until something opened up elsewhere that was full time. Others, like myself, who had limited time with the company, were simply let go because there just wan not enough work to go around.

    Keeping us, the newer workers, would have meant forcing a number of other people into part time status. These are people who had been there for a number of years, owned homes in the area and had proven their value.

    All of us who had been let go were given "You're not a good fit" and "Your work habits were not what we are looking for" explanations.

    Not that your M/S unit had a cancelled contract or anything. But, I think it goes to show, the behaviors of companies/employers is unpredictable and never well explained to us, the employees. They have their reasons for doing things and don't feel obligated to explain them to us. Don't waste your time trying to apply logic to their actions. You'll never have all the details or the whole story to work with'll never completely connect the dots.
  2. by   elkpark
    Quote from DoGoodThenGo
    Sadly in New York State IIRC the first three months are considered probation status and thus one can be terminated for any or no reason.
    This is not unique to NY nor, IMHO, is it "sad." Everywhere I've ever worked, in five different states over the years, every employer has specified in writing that employment can be terminated at any time, for any (or no) reason, by either party (employer or employee) during the probationary period, which is as long as the employer specifies (I've worked at places with three month probationary periods, places with six months probations, and one employer that had a nine-month formal probationary period).
  3. by   Good Morning, Gil
    Sorry to hear that. If I were you, though, I would sit down and talk with the manager to see how you were "not a good fit." It will help you to elucidate why you weren't a good fit when you interview for your next position. And, if it's something you can change, then you can improve next time. But, you have to do what you're comfortable with doing. Being slightly late with meds as a new grad is normal, and even experienced nurses are late sometimes for things out of a nurse's control. Emergencies, procedures, etc.
  4. by   CrunchRN
    If possible it would seem important to find out why they felt that way. They may not be willing to tell you, but it is worth a try.
  5. by   itsmejuli
    I also think its a good idea to sit with the manager to find out why you werent a good fit. You need to know what your downfalls are so that you can work on them in your next job.
  6. by   nursel56
    I agree with Crunch, itsmejuli and Good Morning Gil. They won't rehire you but the way I see it their honest feedback might be the only potential value you take away from the whole mess, and maybe a heads up about potential pitfalls in your next job.

    I'm so sorry this happened to you. Very best wishes for you to find the good fit so you can really grow as a new nurse. ((MsMayaRN))
  7. by   Ms.MayaRN
    Thank you for your reply MPKH

    I do believe something is better than nothing but I'm afraid . I didn't see the me been fired not even a warning side or I was so naive , so grateful, happy to be there I miss the radar of what was going on but 7 weeks is just so little to put as an experience.
  8. by   klone
    Quote from DoGoodThenGo
    Sadly in New York State IIRC the first three months are considered probation status and thus one can be terminated for any or no reason. The important thing is you weren't let go for cause and while this doesn't lessen the sting it is good for you in the long run.
    I think that's the case anywhere, during the probationary period. THat is precisely the purpose of probation.
  9. by   Ms.MayaRN
    Hi Penny

    Your absolutely right. It's 24 hrs after my termination and I just feel so sad but one of my mentors states the same " don't waste my time trying to apply logic to their actions" just move on.
  10. by   Ms.MayaRN
    Hey Gil

    That's what has me so befuddled I was good enough to fill the position. I was already handling the workload a bit slow but as you state that is new for new grad even experience nurses depending on what's going on in the floor can and do fall behind.

    one thing I want to share with others that I learn the hard way.
    Please don't go above and beyond because that puts you in the radar.
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  11. by   Ms.MayaRN
    hi Nursel56 ,

    Crunch, Itsmejuly, and Goodmorning Gil are all right getting an honest feedback would be ideal but that is not the real world. If the NM wanted me to improved , it would had been stated to me or brought to my attention not fired without a warning, or cause.

    Thank you Nursel56 for your good wishes . I know is a blessing is disguise but it hurts .
  12. by   Ms.MayaRN
    Thank you all for your suggestions, support, and kind words. I'm sorry that I can't reply to your private messages because I don't have 15 posts .
  13. by   Mommyofmaknchz
    Keep in mind you have a legal right to see your employee file. I'm not sure if you can have copies you can see it which means you can see everything that was written about you. It could be that they didn't like your bedside manner, too friendly not enough, too fast or slow. It could be that your personality didn't mix well with the others. I have a friend that was let go in her probationary period as well from a major hospital for too much detail in her charting! How is that possible?!?! They told her after she read it that it was too time consuming for the next nurse coming on because it had information that wasn't pertinent. As others have said its a blessing in disguise and one day you'll see why. Good luck to you!