Cedars Sinai Feb 2018 New Grad

  1. Didn't see a thread for this yet so here it is. I believe the application is still open, despite supposedly capping it at 200 applicants. Anyone else here apply?

    Not sure if I missed something but was the app simply just making your profile and uploading your docs to it? I feel like it was a very short and I'm paranoid I'm missing something lol. It is listed under jobs I applied to though..

    Hope to hear some updates!
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  3. by   nurse9393
    on the website it says that they're going to keep it open for a few days, but only look at the first 200 apps. How quickly do you think 200 apps were capped?
  4. by   I<3Nursing2017
    Thanks for starting this!

    I saw that about the first 200 applicants. I wish they would just close it when it capped out at 200. @chocolatebuns, BSN, RN I believe thats all I did for the application too. I don't know anyone who applied so I will keep checking this for updates/ post if I hear of anything.

    Good Luck!
  5. by   chocolatebuns
    I assumed they were gonna close it if after the 200 ): now i'm scared i didn't even make the 200 cut lol do you know when the listing was initially posted?

    @1<3Nursing2017 glad to hear that! I wasn't sure if there was supposed to be a part where we express our interest in certain units or what not. I know I read somewhere I think everyone starts in med surg(?) but I know of people in previous cohorts where they were actually on different units.
  6. by   chocolatebuns
    welp just already got rejection..
  7. by   I<3Nursing2017
    Quote from chocolatebuns
    welp just already got rejection..
    SAME! I mean did they even look at our resumes. On to the next I suppose.
  8. by   chocolatebuns
    Maybe we had already missed the 200 cap? Good luck!
  9. by   pinkuu
    Hi everyone,

    I too wish that their system could've closed out when it reached 200--instead of us going through this guessing game. To give some perspective, I applied at 12:30am PST on 11/30/17. I received an email today saying that my resume has been reviewed and has been submitted for consideration to the department.
  10. by   chocolatebuns
    Good luck pinkuu! I submitted at 2:03pm PST on 11/30 so I'm guessing I did miss the 200 mark :/
  11. by   jewels08
    I applied 11/29 evening and I just received an email saying my app was submitted for consideration. My friend applied 12/1 and received the submittal email as well. Not sure how that cap worked because I feel like it would hit 200 fairly quickly since us LA new grads are so desperate!

    I applied to the last cohort and didnt make it past their super hard assessments! Crossing my fingers for this time around!
  12. by   chocolatebuns
    Hm thats interesting since I thought they also said anybody who applied or interviewed with them within the last 12 months wont be considered? But regardless, best of luck to you!

    edit: asked HR a couple questions just now and was told that the job was supposedly taken down after right after 200 applicants.
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  13. by   jewels08
    Oh are you serious? Awkward. I didnt know that.
    I just filled out the questionairre, and it asked if I had applied/interviewed before, so we shall see if i get excluded.
  14. by   chocolatebuns
    Is the questionnaire you're referring to something they just told you to do or was it something you answered at the time of making your profile and submitting the application? Even with my rejection email this morning, I just saw on my account that there was a link for an assessment and I just completed it and it included what unit I was interested in and if I had applied before, do I have a license.