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I worked 3-11 PM last night. I didn't fall asleep until 3 AM cuz I was studying for the GRE test I'll take next month. Anyhow, I woke up at 6:30 AM cuz I realized I forgot to tell the 11-7 nurse I... Read More

  1. by   LoriAlabamaRN
    I've done it many times myself. I do a shift report at the end of my shift that sums up all four halls and any unusual activities. Sometimes when I am drifting off to sleep I will sit up and say "I left that off the report!" My DON knows me well, and since she does the same thing we just laugh together when I call.
  2. by   bethin
    And it's just not nurses who do it, CNA's do it too. Well, at least I do. I'm anal that way. I actually called the hospital in the middle of my nieces' b-day party Sat. I left some charge stickers by the sink. No biggie but it was bugging me.
  3. by   blynn
    I've done that. I called after shift one time to have someone check the restraints on a patient. Everything was just fine, but I don't think I would have slept at all if I hadn't called!

    I work in a clinic now, and sometimes I leave messages for myself on my work voicemail over the weekend to remind me to take care of things that will need to be done on Monday. I find that if I leave a message I can forget about it and enjoy my weekend.
  4. by   Serenyd
    Glad I'm not the only one that jumps up in the middle of the nite in a cold sweat worrying about something I might have forgotten to do. Like one nite about 330 I woke up wondering if I forgot to unclamp the pca line after I changed out a pts cartridge at the end of my shift - this was one of our physicians son's that came in for pain management after an operation at another hospital.
    The next am i asked the charge nurse if everything went okay with him last nite - and she scrunches up her face and says weeelll.... Turns out he ended up spiking a low-grade temp and called his dad who ordered a bunch of labs, chest xray - the works. Boy was I sweating it.
  5. by   yankeesrule
    I call all the time the group home I work at. I also get after hour calls. I got a call last night as a lady was there doing a PRI (intake for a possibilty admission to nursing home) and it was questions the AMAPS on duty would just not know. They would be searching for hours.. Its times like that , that make me feel like im not taken for granted and that Hey I actually do know a thing or two..
  6. by   NurseRatchett
    I've also called on my off days just to make sure everything is okay.
    I guess when you really care you do those types of things.
  7. by   ChocoholicRN
    Guilty of this one time so far, as a tech though, not even as a nurse! I was in a hurry to leave because I was heading upstate NY and wanted to beat the Friday traffic. In my hurry, I completely forgot the enter the I/O's from a whole set of patients! I realized this while I was driving on the parkway (in traffic of course) and ended up calling the nurses to let them know!
  8. by   Tweety
    yes, in fact I just remember something and I'm not calling after being having left for two hours.
  9. by   DeathIsRebirth07
    I've been a nurse for many years and I still do that.
  10. by   EmmaG
    Yeah, this isn't a 'new grad' thing lol.

    Most embarrassing thing was when I had to call back and give report. The assignment had been changed a couple of times and I had to give report to a number of nurses and I missed a patient... I had gotten home, was trying to relax and decompress when all of a sudden--- OMG!

    When I called, the day nurse just laughed and said she knew it had been a rough night, so she managed to figure out what was going on with the patient; wanted to know why I'd bothered to call back lol.

  11. by   Lorelai22RN
    Yes, yes, yes!! I have been a nurse 1.5 years and I do this still from time to time, less than when I was brand new but I still do it.
  12. by   happymama
    LOL. I thought i was the only one that did that. Well i guess you know the answer. YES!
  13. by   pipersjo
    I do that all of the time!! I am trying to get a little better about it, but some nights (like last night!) I forget to tell them stuff. I didn't give any labs this morning in report. Duh!