Am I the only new nurse who doesn't hate my job? - page 3

I've been working as an RN in LTC since April. Like everyone, I have bad days at work and sometimes I find myself thinking "What in the world have I gotten myself into?" but at the end of the day, I... Read More

  1. by   SBT85
    I have been working since the 1st of June & so far I love my job. The pt population is awesome & the teamwork between the staff is great. I love going to work (outside of waking up early). I hope my love for nursing continues & that when I go to nightshift its just as wonderful.
  2. by   jen7393
    I LOVE my job!! Absolutely, love it! :heartbeatI have been a nurse a year on June 20th and in the Operating Room for a year this week. The year has just zoomed by, too. I love my co-workers and the type of nursing that I am doing. One patient at a time and no Spectra-link phone glued to my butt!!!!! It is amazing how much confidence I have gained in such a short time.
  3. by   dreamon
    This is one of my favorite threads!
  4. by   NickiLaughs
    Now that I'm on nights I love my job. There was just no teamwork on day shift and so many prima donnas. I love working hard and being able to help others and feel like I can ask for help if I need it. I've learned a lot at this job, it's not my "niche." But I'll definitely stay here til I find it.
  5. by   Dalla
    Some days I love it, some I want to quit. But usually I look forward to going in each day. I work long term care and rehab, so I have 14-30 patients. Lots of meds to pass, lots of head-to-toe assessments and charting, treatments that don't seem to end. Usually I have time for a 5-minute conversation with at least one or two patients that is not medical related. When I can accomplish all I need to do and punch out on time after a 8-hour shift, I feel like I did good. And when a patient thanks me sincerely or gives me a hug, it is worth it. Days when one wants me to crawl in bed with him or when I need to transfer someone to the hospital, or we have 2-3 new admits to process, I want to work at McDonalds.