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jen7393 has 3 years experience and specializes in Operating Room.

Graduated 2008

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  1. jen7393

    Passed the CNOR exam

    CONGRATULATIONS to you!!!!! I passed the CNOR exam about 3 weeks ago and I found it to be much more intimidating than NCLEX!! It was a tough test. The questions questions were structured much differently than I expected. Not just knowing what a condition is, but knowing how you would expect to treat the condition. I am so thankful this experience is over!!!!
  2. jen7393

    Why all the haters?

    Welcome to the OR world!! I have been an OR nurse for 3 years and LOVE it!
  3. jen7393

    Interview Letter

    Hubby received his Interview Letter yesterday. Feb 21st is the big day!!! I am super excited for him. I have already been through this Nursing School business once and I am just as nervous going through it with him!! I am keeping my fingers crossed!!!
  4. jen7393

    Please help!!!!need wellstar info!

    WellStar has very competitive pay rates. I have worked at Cobb for 3 years and LOVE IT!! I am an OR nurse and love my job!
  5. jen7393

    facebook "stalking" as a nurse?

    I have never worried about it because my entire name and address are listed on the Dept of Nursing website. It would not be hard to find any nurse that holds a license.
  6. jen7393

    Nursing Entrance Essay (Plz Read)

    I would delete the last paragraph. It sounds critical and judgemental. You should talk about you and want your ambitions are. Use wording that projects that you are going to build on the skills and knowledge you already have because you are a CNA. I would spell out CNA and not use abbreviations. Also, watch out for complete sentences and proper sentence structure. Good luck!!!!
  7. Oh my! I hope I am never in the situation. I think you did the right thing.
  8. jen7393

    Is Chattahoochee Tech ADN accredited??

    I REALLY wish they would hurry and get the letters out!!! I went through "the waiting" for myself a few years ago and now I am going through it again for my hubby!!! Good luck to everyone!!!
  9. jen7393

    height requirement for OR nurses?

    That is one of the craziest things I have ever heard! :smackingf
  10. jen7393

    Am I the only new nurse who doesn't hate my job?

    I LOVE my job!!:redbeathe Absolutely, love it! :heartbeatI have been a nurse a year on June 20th and in the Operating Room for a year this week. The year has just zoomed by, too. I love my co-workers and the type of nursing that I am doing. :up:One patient at a time and no Spectra-link phone glued to my butt!!!!! It is amazing how much confidence I have gained in such a short time.
  11. jen7393

    How many SATA ?'s

    I got over 20 SATA! I got 2 questions about the same drug. One was patient teaching and one was expected side effects. I only got ONE med calc and it had multiple conversions in it. CRAZY!
  12. jen7393

    University of West Ga..how competitive?

    I graduated from UWG in May of 2008. The University of West georgia is AWESOME! They just became The School Nursing, which is wonderful. ALL Nursing Programs are competitive!!! Good luck! I am VERY thankful that I choose The University of West Georgia!! No regrets.
  13. jen7393

    The Operating Room

    What a great post! I have been an OR nurse for a little over 8 months and my five year- old will have surgery next week. I totally understand the emotions. It is very overwhelming when you know what "could" happen. btw- I LOVE being in the Operating Room!
  14. jen7393

    Prepping a TAH?

    We use two preps in the OR where I work. We usually give the foley to the scrub person and they test the balloon and lube it up. Then, we prep the perineum with one prep, insert foley and use another prep tray for the abdomen.
  15. jen7393

    New Grad OR Nurse Position

    I would make sure that the OR is your passion before considering it. It is A LOT of information to learn. It is a different type of nursing. I would talk to as many nurses as you can that have had OR experience or are currently working in the OR. You MOST definitely use assessment, skills and time management skills. They are just not the same as "floor nursing". The focus is different. I am a new grad and I have been working in the OR for 3 months. I come off orientation next week. I have learned more than I ever thought possible, in such a short time. Good luck with your journey!!!!!
  16. jen7393

    July NCLEX Takers come on in!

    :yeah:of course you passed!!! i am so proud of you! :loveya::dancgrp: