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I'm a first semester nursing student who just finished his finals and think that I failed my Pharmoclogy class and Nursing Technologies class. This really is the single most devastating thing that's ever happened to me and I just wanted to ask if anyone was ever in my shoes. I love the profession and am proud to say that I did great in the clinical setting. I did great as far as performance and comprehension goes, but I found myself lacking in the actual course work. My professor even expressed her concern because my grades in class were not correlating with my performance in the hospital.

I really do love Nursing and find helping people to be one of the greatest joys out there, I just hope that people in my school see that and let my redeem myself. I guess the point of this rant is to ask the community out there if they think that I may still have a shot at being a nurse.

I'm a freaked out 20 year old and am hoping that some of you wonderful Nurses/ Nursing Students can impart some words of wisdom.:o

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Thanks commuter, I see you're from Fort Worth, neat. I'm going to school down in San Antonio at Univerity of the Incarnate Word.


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hopefully you did better than u think u did. but if not. next semester ask for help befor the end of term. and if you are having trouble with the class room work maybe you could try differant study habits? ask you teacher where you are lacking in your tests and concentrate more in those areas. good luck hun!

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Your failure in these two classes will not define you, and you should not let it.

What will define you is what you do next! Go to the school, before they ask to see you. Ask them what they advise for you to do. Repeat to them your commitment and ask them to help you fix this. I don't know what this fix will be because that will depend on you school policy, but usually there is some form or remediation, or perhaps an opportunity to re-take the classes. Your attitude in the clinical setting will have an impact on how willing they are to extend themselves to help you, so at least you have that going for you. Don't whine about your mistakes, just demonstrate to them that you are resolute in finding a way to make things right and move on.

Best of luck.

Your failure in these two classes will not define you, and you should not let it.

What will define you is what you do next!

Best of luck.



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What they tell us in school is that you should never be ashamed if you fail a semester. Often students who repeat a level end up being excellent students. They learn from their mistakes and grow and really build a better foundation.

Good luck to you! You sound like a wonderful nurse already. Keep up the good work and keep improving as much as you can.

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I'm in a similar situation. I tried online classes and I don't like them, right now anyway. If you retake the classes, make sure you get a "A" or "B" to prove that you learned from your mistakes. What's in the past is unchangable, but you can work & prepare for the future!!!


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You feel you failed the classes, however, you don't know for sure. Let's hope for the best. Also, If you are having problems with the exams please go talk to the teacher and see if they can help you identify what area are problems for you. If that doesn't work then maybe look into seeing an advisor. Several people in my class went and were tested and it was discovered they have a learning disability. The school makes special arrangements for those people. They get more time taking tests and they take them after the rest of the class. I am not saying you have a learning disability, but you want to consider all possibilities. It sounds like you are going to be a great nurse. The people that have learning disabilities in my class are doing well and I know they will make wonderful nurses.


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Don't give up hope. If you know you did bad talk to the professor about it. I am also in a delayed situation like yours. I believe that if we don't give up and be more passionate about, we can all become great nurses. To tell you the truth, I found out I failed my first semester with my foundations of caring lecture class. It was my first time ever to be in the health field and I didn't know what to expect. With no experience in the hospital and as well as the schooling itself, I panic and was shell shocked. My point is don't give up...if I'm not getting back in the program in the same school, I'm going to try to find another school that will. I hope this helps (Remember your not alone)

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