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I graduated a little more than a year ago and I got fired during orientation of my first job. Turns out my preceptor was lying to my manager about me, and I was accused of several things that I didn't do. It was really awful. I was able to get another job, and I've been there just a couple weeks shy of a year.

Well..... Last week I was having an ultra busy shift and I did something really stupid. I was giving two liquid meds per feeding tube. One came in a little syringe (wrong size to attach to feeding tube) and one in a cup. I drew up the one in the cup into the right size syringe, and then I set the cup on the garbage can. I say "on" and not "in" because it was overflowing. The whole top layer was "clean" type trash- papers and stuff, and I put the cup right-side-up on top of that. Then I remembered I still needed it, so I grabbed the cup back from on top the garbage, and used it for the other med. I know that was bad, and I don't really have any excuse- I was busy and I was thinking about other stuff but I shouldn't have done that. I'm pretty sure the patient didn't see any of the stuff with the garbage can since I was doing it with my back to him. A CNA was in the room at the time, and he pulled me aside later and told me he was "telling." He also said that the end of the feeding machine tubing touched the floor while I had it disconnected to administer the meds. I didn't think it did, but maybe he saw something I didn't. Anyway, he told the charge, who told the manager. I didn't get a chance to tell the charge or the manager my side of the story, and I'm pretty sure the CNA exaggerated, because he's never liked me and he's that kind of guy. My manager called me to suspend me until she has time to meet with me (tomorrow), and she said she is discussing disciplinary action with HR (she'll tell me what they decide when we meet, so I don't get a chance to state my case at all). What really worries me is that when she called me, she had her boss's boss in the room, and had us all on speaker phone.

After getting fired once, I'm really terrified of getting fired again. I don't think I could get re-hired in this economy because I'm still a new grad and I'd have been canned twice. Should I quit before they can fire me? I really want to work for this hospital.... I'm so upset right now...


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Wow that's a tuffy one:no::no:


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I agree that is a tough one. Can I ask you were you a good mix on that floor before this incident? You said you didn't get along with the CNA,how about the nurses? Sounds like that are taking the opportunity to get rid of you. Maybe the people on your units see a problem with your work and instead of telling you, they are just building a case to get rid of you. Granted your nursing judgement to administer meds off the top of the trashcan was bad, I'm not sure that is grounds for dismissile. I wish you well. I think you need to reflect and look at yourself because you have had problems with 2 jobs. You have to take accountablity for your actions and maybe you are no performing at your optimal level. Sorry if I sound harsh, I really feel bad for you because if your not a good fit for the floor, the nursing manager should not wait for you to hang yourself as opposed to giving you honest feedback.


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Why didn't the CNA stop you before you reconnected, if the tube was on the floor? Part of good teamwork would be for the CNA to protect the patient and not wait until after this supposed witnessed incident was over. If I were your manager, I would be questioning the CNA for allowing this incident to happen. Bring this up when you talk to the manager, especially your concern about the CNA getting equal treatment as you.

I was fired twice in my first year.

Just hang in and don't admit to anything unless they have pictures.


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As far as I can tell, I'm a good mix with the staff on the unit, especially the other nurses. This particular CNA isn't well-liked by anyone, and doesn't seem to like anyone, but he doesn't have enough of an attitude to actually get in trouble for it. On my first floor, I think I probably wasn't a good fit with the rest of the staff, and that's why I got canned, but I don't think that's the problem on this floor.

I completely agree that my nursing judgment in this situation was terrible- I'm sorry, and not just because I got caught. I am just hoping that I don't get fired.

I agree about the CNA- I would think, if someone saw a feeding tube on the floor and the other person didn't seem to notice (or didn't seem to care) that the person watching would say something like "Hey, I think that touched the floor a second ago, here's an alcohol swab." I'm not sure why he didn't say that, and I intend to mention that in my meeting (which was rescheduled to later this week).

Suesquatch, you really got fired twice in your first year? What did you do to find another job? Was it as hard as I'm thinking it would be?


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Xariel, First of all, Bless your heart! Sounds like you have been through the mill and had bad luck to boot! I've been fired several times and am still going after 33 years. Listen to the little voice in your head, and your GUT feelings. You should NOT be suspended over this. I don't know if they are building a case, but you may want to start looking, just looking, at other jobs....Please let us know what happens. We care! And down the road, you will be in a position to give someone else advice! Hugs to ya......:cool:


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I had my "pre-discipline" meeting today, and it seemed like they were trying to build a case that I had previous unacceptable behavior... stuff like "well, haven't you been coached by a charge nurse in the past for being unavailable on the unit?" Which I haven't, so I said that... I felt like I was able to state my case really well but they seemed pretty set on something serious. Before, I had a lot of hope that they would just give me a written warning, but now I'm really not sure.


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So when will you find out what they are going to do? I think it's ridiculous for them to drag it out like this. A "pre-discipline" meeting???? Give me a break. They must have waaay too much time on their hands to be playing this game. Yes, definately look for another job. You don't deserve to be kept hanging.....Sending another hug! :nurse:


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Thanks for the much-needed hugs! HR said that they expect to have a decision within a week. I'm frustrated that this is taking sooo long...

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To the OP - This just sounds ridiculous! Like another poster said, they may be building a case for ______ - I would be packing my things and definetly looking elsewhere. As bad as we all need jobs, you DO NOT NEED THESE PEOPLE if this is how they are going to treat you. You are a valuable employee and should not have to take it. And like someone else said, why didn't the CNA say something to you before the tube was reconnected?! I would bring that up for sure. And the "meeting before the meeting"??? What kind of crap is that!!!!

Hugs to you, and keep your head up. You will find a place where you are appreciated for what you are.

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It would seem that the agency you work with would chalk this up to a learning experience and follow up with review procedures. It sounds like you were able to state your case sounds like personality. Hang in there.

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