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  1. belle1963

    Bump in the road...

    I can so far to become a nurse and felt so good about myself until I was cut to pieces by a family member at the SNF. I realize that the woman doesn't know me nor my character but it hurt so much to hear that I do not have a heart nor vision for working in LTC-the critical person didn't know I was in the other room. She threatened that she would be sure that I got fired....well that happened too. What a crazy world we live in. I am so depressed as a new grad....not knowing where to turn or if I am my right niche. I know that when one door closes another opens. This is a bump in the road. Well I sure need to take the time to find my nursing passion. I guess it couldn't have happened at a better time since my youngest teen is having some issues. Well anyone out there who had new grad struggles. I look around and many of my peers seem to have made the transition smooth.
  2. Hi there, So that was the conclusion of the unsterile technique to let you go. Did your employer offer any other positions within the hospital or any additional training? I am so very sorry. Best to you.
  3. belle1963

    fired once, in trouble again....

    It would seem that the agency you work with would chalk this up to a learning experience and follow up with review procedures. It sounds like you were able to state your case ....it sounds like personality. Hang in there.
  4. belle1963

    what to do....... my bag.

    Thanks for the replys and the mentioning of night shift starting out --- I guess I didn't clarify that I worked nights and I was unable to do that. My body shut down.
  5. Well I only gave pepcid early as well as crush pills for my resident in LTC who is on a puree diet. The daughter was livid and stated she was going to have me fired and report me to the board. Also she went as far as to as the CNA to get her mother roast beef ... puree diet. This lady is to have her PHD maybe she needs therapy. Well in short at least even though you made mistakes at least you have a job. This was my first mistake. Even I was cold on the floor stating I had no people skills when I was calmly talking to the daughter who was visiting from out of state and was not even on the responsible party list. Well crims I am searching for work.
  6. belle1963


    I gave pepcid early and the daughter blew a lid. Also that I crushed meds for my resident that is on a puree diet. Who knows but the daughter must have alot of pull...I am no longer working. I am sad..but hearing that meds where late or not given at all gives me hope. Anyway when one door closes another opens. I am not nocturnal and was unable to work nights especially 12 hour shifts. I think you may be having a difficult time with the day night change. Please remember that during the day when sleeping be in complete darkness. I am sure you are. As for making it throught the night staying organized is vital in which I suppose you are. After report first write down on one side of paper room #'s then hour of times across the top. In seperate colors put time meds are due, IV's, and insulin as per resident. Check on the list every half hour and this will keep your meds flowing. Also check the previous MAR and you will be able to know each residents rtn of pain control. In down time chart. Best to you. It must be an adjustment.
  7. belle1963

    what to do....... my bag.

    As a new grad I am trying to find my nitch. There is a broad range to choose from in the nursing field. I know one thing that I am unable to nights. Not nocturnal. So where are the jobs for the new grads? Not finding much success. Tried SNF.