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Finishing Prereqs in order to start Applying in Fall 2010


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Hey everyone. I started a very popular post a while back for those applying to N.S. for Spring 2010.

Well things came up and I will not be applying for N.S. until the August. I am starting this thread so we can have a place to talk, vent, and when acceptance letters finally come in near the year's end a place to post the good news.

Just follow the format.

what classes you are taking ( or need to take), the school you attend and the school(s) you plan on applying to. If you want you can also include the grades of prereqs you have taken in the past.

Spring 2010:

Taking APII, and Organic Chem, along with three classes for my major (history)

and then I will be finished with my prereqs

Previous Grades: API: B+, Gen Chem:B-, Stats: C+(might take again), Nut.: B+, Sociology: B+, Micro: B+, Gen. Bio: B

I attend Lehman College and I will be graduating in Spring 2011 (hopefully summa cum laude...as long nothing happens in the next year)

I plan on applying to : Concordia College(NY) ABSN program, LIU-Brooklyn, Salisbury University (MD) ABSN, College of Mt. St. Vincent, Stonybrook University ABSN & 2-yr, Westchester Community College, Hopfer School of Nursing

Alright please continue the thread

Why aren't you applying for the Fall? Seems like 5 classes is do-able over the Spring and Summer??


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Why aren't you applying for the Fall? Seems like 5 classes is do-able over the Spring and Summer??

I am not applying in the Fall because I want to attend an ABSN program. I need my BA for that. Plus if nursing school is not in the cards for me I can always go to grad school....I just never put all my eggs in one basket.

I will be applying for nursing school in March for the Fall 2010 semester at my local community college. I have taken all of my prerequisites other than A & P II which I'm finishing now. My previous grades are as follows: English 111 - A English 112 - A Psych - A Developmental Psych - B A & P I - B Computer - A Mythology(Humanities) - B. I have around a 3.7. I haven't taken the TEAS test yet but I'm hoping to do well on it.. obviously lol.

I can not WAIT to begin actual nursing school. Prereq's haven't been that difficult for me but I'm ready to get all of this over with. I just hope I can retain all the information that will be introduced to me.

Best of luck to everyone!!

Hello! I am also applying for nursing school this fall. I'm hoping to get into the university of washington, but am also applying to wsu, seattle university, seattle pacific university and a few California schools.

Prereqs I have already taken: ENGL201 A-, Statistics B+, Nutrition A-

Other classes that are listed on the application: research paper A-, Ethics A, Psych 101 B, Sociology 101 B+, Anthropology A-.

Prereqs I still need to complete or are currently taking: Math 124, Chem 120 220 and 221, Physiology, Anatomy, Microbiology, Lifespan Psych

I'm currently involved in a club that does nutrition presentations for elementry school children, assembling first aid kits etc. I'm going through the interview process at UWMC (hospital) to volunteer in a nursing unit, I play a lot of soccer and am also getting my CNA this summer at the local community college.

Good luck!!! :)

I'm applying in the fall, I'm taking A&P 1 and human development this semester and A&P 2, nutrition and Microbiology over the summer. I'm also going to take Statistics and a general Chemistry class in the fall to apply to other schools if I don't get into any of the ones I apply to in the fall. Also, to get my BSN I'll need the extra classes so it'll be good to work on those.

I'm so excited!!!

I graduated with a BA in Biology from UVM and I'm taking Micro and Nutrition spring '10 at Bronx Community College.... I can't wait to apply for the fall semester. I applied last year to U' Rochester and U'Penn and they still haven't made their decisions yet:banghead::banghead: I need to know so I can figure out if I need to start applying to other schools for Fall '10....

Anatomy 1: A Statistics: A Dev. Psych: A Organic Chem: B+ Anatomy 2:B Health Ethics: A

I'm technically already applied and in the "nursing applicants pool", but we do not get into the nursing sequence until we finish all our core classes as well. So, I'm probably looking at a January 2010 start (I hope not later!), though, I'd love to start earlier, I doubt it will happen.

That said I've finished Intro to College, Intro to Psych, A&P I, Intro to Healthcare, Intro to Sociology, Basic Algebra, Intermediate Algebra, Lifetime Fitness I and Eng Comp I. I have a 4.0.

This semester I'm taking: Human Growth and Dev, A&P II, Statistics, Eng Comp II and Lifetime Fitness II.

I'm taking Microbiology this summer and will take something along side it, but don't know what yet. Probably something that will help me get my BSN later on.