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I'm currently enrolled in an ASN program. I'm planning on finishing my BSN after that and then probably a Master's too! I love nursing school, but can't wait to be out there helping people!

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  1. allerina

    2015 StaRN program anyone?

    Hi! Just wanted some opinions on the program. I was offered a spot but haven't had to sign a commitment letter yet and it doesn't start until next month. I just want to know how you all like the program? I have an interview at another hospital this week and I'm trying to decide which direction to go in if I get an offer there too. Thanks!
  2. I applied there but my overall GPA is just below a 3.0 (my nursing program GPA is above a 3.0) so they told me they wouldn't take me. In any case, I did not get the interview I went on the other day but I'm hopeful about the one I have coming up this week. And I take the NCLEX on Tuesday so I think it will be a good week! Deland's Florida Hospital called me to talk to me about their GN program and if called to interview and I still don't have a job I will go to the interview. Ugh. So frustrating!
  3. I just interviewed on an Oncology PCU and next week I have an interview set up for surgical transplant PCU. I don't know how the one I just went to went. I was very nervous.
  4. I'm interviewing tomorrow at FH and have one set up for next week as well but if I get the position tomorrow I'm canceling the other one. Good luck!
  5. Interview on Tuesday. I'm hoping it goes well. Super nervous! I just had an interview with a smaller hospital outside Orlando and it went well, they emailed me today saying they want to talk to me on Monday.
  6. Congrats! I'll definitely be paying for the quick results in a little over a week when I test. :)
  7. I hope you passed. How did the test go?
  8. I just got a call from FH this morning to interview on a PCU floor. Yay! They're finally moving through applications.
  9. I'm a big fan of the city, but that particular hospital is for profit and I'd rather work for a not for profit but I will take whatever for now.
  10. I had an interview at North Florida Regional today in Gainesville and they said they hire GNs all the time so you could try there too.
  11. I'm curious also! I'm interviewing at one as well.
  12. Oh good luck! Congrats on the job! That is so exciting! do any of you know anyone doing the staRN program at any of the hospitals around here? I'm just trying to get a job and I don't want to put all my eggs in one basket.
  13. I just talked to the recruiter this morning and she's sent my info to 3 different floors (including an oncology floor that requested my info). I have to fill out the reference form and get that back to them.
  14. I'm hoping to hear something soon! My application status was updated when I did the assessment but still says "Under initial review " but if I hear anything I will update. I'm waiting on my ATT also!
  15. I got the same email too! There are probably just a lot of applications so it's taking them time. I bet we'll hear this week.
  16. Yes, I told them I would love to work there multiple times so maybe they did already pull my info. That would be so awesome!