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  1. alphaphim

    Really...how hard is Chemistry?

    Honestly, chem has been the hardest class I have ever taken, and I have taken physiology, general biology, calculus, and nutrition. For me, o-chem has not been bad at all so far (I'm currently in my first quarter of it) but for some reason general chemistry was very hard for me to get used to. It could be due to the fact that I had never had it in my life, or that my class had 700 people in it. But it is my lowest GPA on my transcript!
  2. alphaphim

    Do you have a back up to Nursing?

    Hi! I am just finishing up my prereqs at UW. I am applying to UW's nursing program this fall and getting in is my plan A. I will probably also apply to a handful of other schools which will be my plan B. If I get into a BSN program I will graduate in 2013. My plan C is getting a BS Biology degree with a concentration in physiology, and then persuing an ABSN program after I graduate in 2012 I'm trying to ease my own stress by convincing myself that even if I don't get into a BSN program right away, I would still be able to graduate in 2013 with both a BS biology degree and a ABSN degree
  3. Hello! I am also applying for nursing school this fall. I'm hoping to get into the university of washington, but am also applying to wsu, seattle university, seattle pacific university and a few California schools. Prereqs I have already taken: ENGL201 A-, Statistics B+, Nutrition A- Other classes that are listed on the application: research paper A-, Ethics A, Psych 101 B, Sociology 101 B+, Anthropology A-. Prereqs I still need to complete or are currently taking: Math 124, Chem 120 220 and 221, Physiology, Anatomy, Microbiology, Lifespan Psych I'm currently involved in a club that does nutrition presentations for elementry school children, assembling first aid kits etc. I'm going through the interview process at UWMC (hospital) to volunteer in a nursing unit, I play a lot of soccer and am also getting my CNA this summer at the local community college. Good luck!!! :)
  4. alphaphim


    My school does it like that too. I'm currently taking physiology, and I haven't taken anatomy yet. I'm sure taking anatomy first would be helpful, but it is deffinitely doable if you can't. I don't know about your teacher, but mine teaches like the class doesn't know anatomy and it really isn't that bad at all. Good luck!
  5. alphaphim

    Any sites or podcasts for very basic chemistry (for A & P)

    i'm not sure about for a&p but i love this guy for chem: [color=#3b5998]http://www.youtube.com/user/bannanaiscool#p/u/100/u9hlws7t-k0[color=#333333]
  6. alphaphim

    Already struggling in first Bio Class

    Hi! Don't worry about it, it is only the second week and if you keep trying hard and studying I'm sure you will get the hang of things. I would recommend that you do flashcards a lot that is what helps me. And if your worried about A&P, maybe take chem and nutrition first. These classes are of moderate difficulty, and when you get to A&P you will be way ahead of everyone else. Thats what I did, and it helped a lot. Good luck!!
  7. alphaphim

    Trying to decide between different schools...

    Honestly, I think that there is always going to be people who complain about a school and that is no reason to totally disregard it! UW is a great school. Yes they do have large beginning science classes, but there are some amazing instructors here. I am currently taking my prereqs here and am loving the campus, the people, and the enviornment in general. I recommend you check the school out for yourself and attend an information session before you listen to what other people say. UW is my first choice for nursing school :)
  8. alphaphim

    Applying to UW BSN program this yr-any tips?

    Hello! Honestly, I think UW cares a lot more about your well-roundedness then GPA. I am currently an undergraduate student at UW and have taken nutrition, chem 142, physiology, chem 220, math 124 and phil 240 (ethics) here so far. I have taken Stats, psychology, sociology, anthropology, and speech at bellevue college as well. I would not fret over 1 bad grade, or a slightly low gpa. If you listen to the SON podcast you will hear that volunteering including health care experience, GPA, extracurricular activities, your essay and you letter of recommendation are all weighted equally. The compitition is extreme, I would deffinitely get your CNA as this is very important. I will be applying this fall for fall admission 2011. Good luck! :)
  9. alphaphim

    Not sure which math....

    Stats really isn't bad at all, I wouldn't worry about it either.
  10. I'm currently taking Chem, Physiology, and Calculus together. I agree with Diane-RN, it helps me to stay focused when I take hard classes together. As long as you spend an ample amount of time on each class, you will be golden. :)
  11. alphaphim

    So where is everyone applying?

    University of Washington, Washington State University, And California State University :) I'm currently at UW and am hoping to get into their nursing school though.