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I'm wondering if anyone else is dealing with not being able to get financial aid. I'm an older student returning to college. I already have about 100 credit hours towards a bachelors degree but I never finished. Now that I finally know what I want to do I'm not going to be able to pay for it :( I'm over the max credit hours for an associates degree and a BSN isn't really an option for me. I've looked at getting private student loans but can't get approved. So now I'm just really discouraged. Anyone have any advice?


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I was in the same boat, so I applied for a WIA scholarship and ended up receiving one. They're paying for my ADN and all the costs surrounding it...I'm extremely grateful! My degree isn't all that expensive, but daycare for three kids IS, and getting rid of NS costs definitely helped.


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Even if you've passed the credit hours at CC you can usually still try to petition for FA. The board reviews your petition and usually grants at least loans. You will have to petition each and every semester though and they can revoke it at any time for bad grades etc.


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I was in the same boat. It's very discouraging when supposedly there is money out there for us to go to school. I lost mine because their curriculum changed and I had to take additional classes. I appealed it and was denied. Thankfully I applied for scholarships and have enough money to pay for last pre-req class. I'm in talks with financial aid now to see if when I graduate with the pre nursing certificate will that give me my financial aid back to pay for the actual nursing school! We shall see!!


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You can always appeal that decision. Especially if you're already accepted into a program. This happened to me and I just had to appeal for every semester while on the surgical technology program. Since its a vocational certificate I still have FA I just have to keep appealing and they will cover it.

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I also recommend an appeal. Many schools will put you on to a program to help you any way they can. I started out 10 years ago in an accounting program but dropped out due to the sudden death of my father. When I came back to school in 2009 to pursue nursing, all those credits counted against my financial aid. I was able to get my Associate of Science in General Education, which at least helped "get rid of" those credits. Now I'm on an individual academic plan to receive financial aid for my actual nursing classes and only have a year left.

Is there any way to see how many credits may transfer to the community college you're considering? If there are quite a few, you may just have to take a few classes at that school to achieve a degree and then do something kind of like what I have. Also, if you are eligible for the Pell grant, you can receive that for up to 12 semesters so if you haven't done that may and can get into a probation type situation with the school, maybe they can get that for you.

Absolutely try to sit and talk with an advisor and someone in the financial aid department to do an exhaustive search of all your possibilities. Good luck!

Go to your financial aid office at school and ask to file an appeal. I did and am now being granted financial aid until I graduate nursing school under the condition that it be used only to pay for nursing classes and I keep my gpa up above a 2.0 average

Agree with others here. Go to the financial aid office and find out what your options are. Your situation is not unique and the financial aid office should be able to help you navigate through the red tape. They may have an appeal or petition process where you can explain why you need to take more classes and make your case. It's worth a try.

Does your school offer any non-federal aid like a fee waiver for low income students? Some of those programs are state funded and don't have the same limits as pell grants or direct loans. The folks at financial aid should present you with all of the options to help fund your education. Be vigilant and make sure all your questions are answered.

Good luck!


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I already have my bachelors. I have to take out student loans as well as private. Millions of people take loans out, even without any credit history. See if you can get a cosigner?


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I agree with everyone else to do the appeal. My school approves lots of appeals under the terms the student can only take classes required for the degree. As long as you haven't maxed out in federal aid, there is still hope. If not, maybe you can look into other schools that allow this.

I hesitate to say this because you didn't want the BSN but.. If all else fails, maybe get your bachelors in something random (like sociology, you probably already have 2 or 3 sociology courses) and do an entry level MSN. I know that this isnt "ideal" and you didn't want to go for the BSN, but I've known lots of people who were maxed out from their bachelors, who went the MSN route so their aid could "start over". Dont give up and I hope things work out for you.


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Thanks everyone. I've made an appointment to speak with an advisor in the financial aid office. I'm also researching scholarships. I'm really hoping that I can work something out and stay in school!

Also, (this may be a crazy question about FA), but, when do I start applying for FA? Before I register for classes or after?