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Finals are over...........


Wow ,is it really possible....I took my last final today.I passed all my classes with B+.. Yet for some strange reason , I still feel stress . I feel like i need to grab a book and study........I can't stop this feeling ........maybe i really do love nursing........or i just don't know how to relax anymore..........Anyone out there with similiar feelings? .........Or am i just nuts....

Awesome job with the B+'s! I know all of my grades but anatomy, which I can't stop stressing over but once I know that I might be able to chill out some! I understand what you mean though, I feel like I'll fall too far behind or forget something or miss something if I'm not doing work. But you finally reached the break we all need and deserve, so cherish it! :chuckle Won't be long til it's back to the books...

I know EXACTLY how you feel. I was experiencing the same thing too and it took me about three days to unwind after my final. I think we just get so keyed up over it all that it takes awhile for the brain and body to get the message that it's okay to relax now for awhile! I finally started to get back on track again after I went out to the store and bought my favorite tea and rented a couple of good movies to distract myself for awhile, and it felt so good to be able to enjoy it!!! Do something nice for yourself ... you've earned it! Congratulations on your grades, great job!!


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Relaxing? What's that?? I feel guilty that I have time to bake cookies. :o

Congrats on the grades! :)

Boy, do I know what you mean.

I've been out of school for less than a week, and I'm already studying for next semester.

Can't relax. Feeling guilty already. :eek:


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i am going to start looking over the endocrine system for adult iii. i don't know but it seems like i am not doing something right if i am not stydying!

Wow, I am glad I am not the only one who feels that way. I tried sooo hard on my finals to try to bring my grades up to A's. And (this is funny- and sad), I really thought I had done it. But here were my final grades.... 89, 88, 89.43 (and she won't bring it up to an A :( ) I just found these grades out yesterday, and I have been depressed ever since. I know they are good grades, it's just the fact that I really thought I was going to get A's. Oh well. Someone cheer me up!!! haha....:) Maybe I should start studying for next semester now.

I'm going to start reading up on the Endocrine system myself, for A&P II. I just don't feel normal anymore without that huge book attached to me.

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