Finals?? Good Luck, Everyone!


For everyone getting ready for semester/quarter finals, good luck! Try not to stress too much over exams, just know you're going to do your best!

Post here when you're done and tell me how it went!

Awww...thanks. Do you have finals this upcoming week as well? If so good luck to you also.


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Final taken on Dec. 6th 2007 at 8:00. Needed a 68% to pass on to second quarter, got a 73%! I've never been so happy to see a "C" on my grade report in my life! next quarter will be better, now that I understand how Nursing school tests are different. 1 month until next quarter!


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Good job, Pure!

jilaweez, I'm not (back) in school yet, but Lord willing I will be beginning the next part of my educational journey in January.

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I was done a long, long time ago..( I feel it too!):lol2: BEST OF LUCK TO YOU ALL!!!!!!!! Hope the finals and the nursing career afterwards are just what you were hoping for! Good Luck!


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Thanks for all the kind words and support I get from this site....I take my final exam in fundamentals on 12/17/07......I pray I pass....I have a 80.5 average now...... My college requires grade total to pass....I'm above water,and pray I stay there...good luck to all who are taking finals.....Remember we can do this,and we will do this;)


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I made a 91 on my Fundamentals Final!!!! Tomorrow is my Health Assessment Final, then I'm done for a MONTH!!!! Yeah!

Today I've been studying and decided to take a break here. Back to work for me.

Happy continued studying, i'm taking a little break too. I am off to continue on, 2 finals down, four more to go....


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im taking my final monday tomarrow at 5pm good luck everyone!


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I have on tap for Tomorrow: a nice steaming helping of HESI for Fundamentals @ 0730 and finish off the day with a piping hot Health Assessment final @ 1000. Then I get a few days off to study for the absolutely appetizing Fundamentals final @ 0800 on Friday followed by an indulgent slice of a Pharmacology final scheduled for 1200. After all of that....three weeks of...well...nothing. [banana]Good luck to everyone![/banana]

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Our final is on Friday. I figured I need a 55% to pass with the 76% needed for a "C". I need an 83% or so to get a "B". I'm so burned out and have struggled so much only to be 0.5% from that "B" that I'm ready to just throw in the towel and just start my break early, lol!! I've yet to have a "C" on my college transcripts, but I'm just going to be happy to move on to my final semester!

Best wishes all!!

Foundations at 9:05 tomorrow morning 150 questions, Pharmacology at 10:00 on Wednesday 100 questions. I am not too worried, most of the test is on current content not tested on yet, and we reviewed all our previous tests today and I knew most of the answers w/o looking. There will be about 10-15 math questions on the Pharm final, but since it isn't pass/fail this time I won't be freaked out!:lol2: I think I can do anything after passing that hellish skills final!:lol2:

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