Finally finished nursing school!!!


It was a long hard road but I finally finished nursing school and to think I almost quit at the beginning of first semester because it was such a shock at first and it was almost unbearable and thinking "what have I gotten myself into". I cried so much, especially after that first nursing test. With all the ups and downs I finally made it and having friends in nursing school makes it so much better. It's exciting but also bitter sweat and hard to believe it's over. Now to relax a little and then start studying for the hardest test I'm ever going to take. I am so worried about starting a nursing job, I still feel like I am not ready, but I just try to remember that every nurse out there once started out in my shoes. But for now I'm going to worry about the NCLEX.


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Congrats :) I can't wait to be in your shoes in 2 years :)

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Congrats, I bet that is such an amazing feeling! Best of luck on your NCLEX.

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Congratulations!!! All your hard work and dedication is now paying off :) Enjoy your downtime before the NCLEX. Go rock it!!! :D


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Congrats !!! I'm so happy for u!! I start in Jan14 .... Ill be there soon!


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Congrats!!! This is such an big accomplishment. You are gonna do great. I just cant wait til my time.


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Congrats! Just breathe, relax & you will do great!


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congratulations! best of luck on the NCLEX - you will do great!!


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That's amazing! Congrats to you and happy studying!

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Congrats. :) I just finished myself. It seems like it was forever, but at the same time it flew by. I'll miss the friends I made during the program but I'm excited to take the NCLEX and start working.

Congrats I hope to get in next year. I have to retake Biology and Chemistry since it has been over 10 years. When I hear stories like yours, it really motivates me.

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Congrats on the accomplishment! Can't wait until I'm there :)