Fellow 'B' Students...


Yes...I made it through my first semester with just Bs, but I'm glad that I did it! Any others out there who just made it through their first semester?


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Yes...I made it through my first semester with just Bs, but I'm glad that I did it! Any others out there who just made it through their first semester?

Hi there,

I, too, am a proud 1st semester B student!! Congrats on finishing your first semester. I know you're just as happy as I am to enjoy some time off. :balloons:

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lol..... I am a self confessed B student now... in my first semester of NS I strived for A's and got them most of the time, now w/ the classes piling on, I am happy with B's

Well, I got a high "C" in Pharm and a high "B" in Foundations, but together they maintain my 3.0 gpa so I'm happy!;)

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Congrats to all of you and anyone else who posts to this thread. :balloons: I noticed a lot of students recently posted that he/she made A's first semester in NS and that is great! However, it is not NOT the norm.

Most students make less then A's and many do not pass at all. Plus, C=RN. Thus, everyone who makes B's or C's should be proud too. Keep up the good work and continue to strive for excellence in all that you do!

By the way, enjoy your winter break. Your next semester will be umm.... interesting (insane) so get some rest!

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Yep..I finished my first semester with a B as well...I'm pretty satisfied with that, it still kept my Honors standing...but I'll keep trying to improve, would be great to see another A!

Good Luck to everyone!:lol2:


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Just finished my first semester with a solid B average...and very happy about it too!

In my drive to get A's every time, I used to drive myself crazy! This semester, I developed a different attitude. Since I was not sure what to expect, my goal was to simply pass.

B grades are passing with a pretty good margin. Congratulations to everyone posting to this thread!



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Just wanted to say congratulations to all of you! :)

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Done with 1st semester here: I got a B in Fundamentals, along with an A in both Health Assessment and Pharmacology. I'm not thrilled about the B, but I am proud of it nevertheless. I think I've learned a lot this semester about how nursing classes seem to work (compared to the pre-req classes). I think there's a huge difference in the way that one must study, because the material isn't always as straightforward as it is in, say, your A&P classes. At least that's been my experience. Anyway I think this has challenged me to try and do even better next semester.


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I am also done with my first semester of nursing with a B as well!!! I think we can all pat ourselves on the back!!!!!;)


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Congratulations, everyone. You are moving down that path to being an RN. I wish you all the best. Keep on moving! Happy Holidays.


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Congrats to everyone!!!!!!!!!

I just finished my 1st semster and passed with all B's. I am so excited. Our spring semester begins on January 7th. OB/Peds & Med/Surg, here I come. I am so grateful for this christmas break. I haven't even opened up a book, which has been great. Nursing school is very different from the pre-req's, there is a lot of self-study.

I hope everyone has a great christmas break & enjoy it!! Take some time for yourself.

:) JCH

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