Feeling stressed; Taking Chem & A&P 1 over Summer 5 wk course.

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OMG can I do this?

I am so utterly stressed, I do nothing but eat, sleep, with the occasional potty break and study. Has anyone else done this?


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I commend you for attempting to take two very quick (and intensive labs) summer courses! I took a 10 week A&PI class last summer (never took an anatomy class before that) and I felt like all I did was eat, sleep, study, go to class, and repeat. Where are you in the five week stretch?


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OMG can I do this?

I am so utterly stressed, I do nothing but eat, sleep, with the occasional potty break and study. Has anyone else done this?

I am nearly 3 weeks in, correction, this is a 6 wk course. I certainly have a ways to go. I guess what's making it harder (physically) for me right now is that I'm 7 months pregnant lol. I'm tired all the time, am certainly not strong academically in math (doesn't help with chem) and havent taken a biology course for over 8 years! My A&P prof is a joke, tells the class to 'not ask questions" if we're lost during our classroom lectures because it will slow down the learning process of the more advanced students. Mind you, I have lectures for 3 hrs a pop, 3X days/ week; I want to pull my hair out!


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I am actually doing this right now! I'm kinda glad though because although I have an A in A&P, I'm not doing so hot in chemistry so at least if I HAVE to retake it for a better grade I have time before I apply to nursing school!

Oh and I'm also doing it while working 40-48 hours a week as a CNA.

It's gonna be hard but I believe that we can do it! :)

Good luck!

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That's tough, but doable. I couldn't ask questions in my anatomy and physiology class either because the professor would bite my head off, so I learned not to ask questions. It trains you for a specific type of thinking, when you don't ask questions, and have to look for everything yourself. Focus on the benefits.

I hated chemistry, hated hated hated chemistry. But I got my A in chemistry. You can do it.

My chemistry professor tried to be helpful, & I could ask her a lot of questions, but I found her so confusing that it never really made a difference. I found the khanacademy.com website to be very helpful for chemistry. I recommend spending a lot of time practicing dimensional analysis and once you have that down, the stoichiometry. Khanacademy.com (org) has videos, practice problems, and will correct your problems and walk you through them. You can also contact a mentor, all free


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yup taking a & p 1 and feeling that way with the other demands i have going on in l8fe. Push theough it the summer courses are shorter and more condensed but there also over quicker. Good luck!

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I had taken 6 weeks microbiology with a 4 week CNA class. This summer I have statistics and a "nursing profession" class. On the plus side you will feel so good when they're done and that you got them over with. You're half way there, you can do this. Come here for a break after every couple hours of studying or do anything relaxing in between it will help rather than nonstop studying.