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Hi! My name is Kirbie and I am 19 and currently a CNA working on finishing my pre-req's at SSC in central Florida. I currently work as a CNA at a facility for memory care and I love it, but am very excited about becoming an RN one day! I plan on applying to University of North Florida's BSN program.

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  1. UNF BSN FALL 2016 !

    I know the average TEAS score is a 335 for admitted students. I got invited for an interview for the summer and I had a 319 TEAS score and a 3.85 pre-req GPA. I'm not sure about the average though.
  2. UNF BSN FALL 2016 !

    Hey there!! I fortunately haven't had to retake any of the pre-requisites but I know people that have and I'm pretty sure as far as GPA goes, your new grade just replaces the old one. I haven't been accepted to any other programs, but I applied to UN...
  3. UNF BSN FALL 2016 !

    Hey! Welcome!! :) The So You Wanna Be A Nurse seminar is awesome!! It was super informative!
  4. UNF BSN FALL 2016 !

    Jax is wonderful!! I was gonna apply to UCF but changed my mind mainly because I fell in love with UNF and Jax. Hopefully I don't get waitlisted the second time around! I have to retake the TEAS in another week and hope I get a better score :/
  5. UNF BSN FALL 2016 !

    Are you guys applying for any other programs?
  6. USF Accelerated BSN Fall 2015!

    Lana_K I created a thread for fall 2016 if you wanna join in :)
  7. UNF BSN FALL 2016 !

    Hi guys!!! I applied for the summer but got waitlisted so if I don't get called off I will be retesting for the TEAS (the person in charge of admissions recommended that I do) and I'll be reapplying for the fall!
  8. UNF Summer 2016

    Thanks everyone for your encouragement! Everyone I have met so far that is either applying to the program or already in the program has been so sweet and helpful and that just draws me to this school even more :) I still am hoping for a call but if n...
  9. USF Fall 2016 hopefulls

    Anybody out there??
  10. UNF Fall 2016 Hopefuls

    Anybody out there?? I know I'm not alone!
  11. UNF Summer 2016

    It's okay Emy! I'm definitely reapplying for the fall :)
  12. UNF Summer 2016

    I checked my phone today to find I had a missed call from a number with the Jacksonville area code and I freaked out only to find it was just a spam call... hopefully things work out..
  13. UNF Fall 2016 Hopefuls

    Hi everyone! I was waitlisted for UNF's summer program so I am looking into re-applying for the Fall should I not be called off the list. I haven't seen a thread started yet so I decided to start one! Who else is applying?
  14. USF Fall 2016 hopefulls

    Hi everyone! I haven't seen a thread started for USF for the fall yet and if I am correct the application window opens next month!! Who all is applying? :)
  15. UNF Summer 2016

    Thanks Emy for the update!!! Hopefully I'm high up on the waitlist! That's only 13 people!! I know USF hasn't even had their interviews yet for the summer and the interview is after the deadline so I'm hoping some more people are just RSVPing just to...