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  1. heb06004

    UCONN CEIN 2016

    I have not taken it as I lived on the opposite side of the state during CEIN and prereqs, but call the school and talk to them asap. If they can approve it that's great, but don't waste time and money on a course that won't help you get into the program (particularly because if they don't accept it and you apply you're going to be considered an incomplete application without plans to take the appropriate Chem). If they won't take it this should give you plenty of time to find a Chem class they do take. Best of luck!
  2. heb06004

    Apple Watch - Why I Love It!

    The utility face.
  3. heb06004

    Apple Watch - Why I Love It!

    Oh and I have the sport style band. (Not sure if that's what it's called.) Super easy to keep clean!
  4. heb06004

    Apple Watch - Why I Love It!

    Smaller watch face with the S/M band. I tried the larger one on at the store and it just felt too large for my wrist. My boyfriend has the larger sized watch face and loves it.
  5. heb06004

    Apple Watch - Why I Love It!

    I got my Apple Watch in August while I was still a student. I started as a LDRP nurse 2 months ago. My watch is doing just fine. No damage (knocks on wood) so far! And I've ding'd it up against a few hard surfaces without any scratches. I love it, and if he wants to get you one, I'd say let him. 🙂
  6. heb06004

    Yep. I have no friends in school.

    Nothing is wrong with you! This sounds like my ABSN program - no matter what I did there were cliques and I just didn't seem to fit in. Sometimes in life this will happen, whether it's nursing school or not. Just remember that you're in nursing school to become a nurse, not to become a socialite. Rely on your out of school friends and family for support and do what you've got to do to get that degree! By no means is there anything wrong with you. Sometimes in life it's easy to make friends and sometimes it's just not.
  7. ^ THIS. One classmate of mine flipped through and was highlighting her textbook all during lecture just a few seats away from me. It was incredibly distracting. Textbooks are to supplement lecture, not to be read during lecture. Not to mention that if there are less distractions you're probably more apt to pay attention and retain what's being taught in class.
  8. heb06004

    Giving notice to your employer

    Definitely wait until you are accepted and have all your ducks in a row! Last thing you need is to have your plans fall through and be out of a job because you already have a replacement! I got a new job after applying to nursing school and didn't give notice until a month before school started. I wouldn't tell anybody to give more than that. Regardless, you need that acceptance letter in hand before anybody else gets involved.
  9. heb06004

    New Grad Friendly RN Positions?

    Have you looked into residency programs? These are specifically for new grad nurses. Being from CT I know they have plenty, and so does MA from the postings I saw when I was job searching. Now would probably be the time to apply for July/September residency start dates.
  10. heb06004

    Job After Graduation

    Are you moving 4 months from now or 4 months after graduation? 4 months from now brings you to the end of July. Depending on your state, you may not be taking the NCLEX until June or July anyway. If the case is 4 months from now, just job search where you'll be moving. As the PP stated, hiring is a lengthy process and sometimes a job may not start for several more months after the offer is extended.
  11. I took out private loans for each semester on top of the federal loans (federal didn't even pay my full tuition). I definitely wouldn't have survived without them. As it is, I'm nearly broke and I don't start work for another three weeks (three and a half months after graduation).... I don't have any horror stories yet (hopefully not ever), but I would love to hear if anybody else has stories they'd like to share about their experiences with private loans!
  12. I agree! I know I couldn't have survived nursing school doing that. I remember hearing that she kept a pillow in her car and was constantly found napping before class. I'm surprised she want napping IN class!
  13. I worked as a student secretary at my school. Hours were flexible, but only between 8a-5p M-F. My second job was to transport and supervise DCF (some places I hear call it DCFS I believe) visitations between children removed from care and their parents. That job has more flexible case times since it could be evening or weekend if need be, but once a case had a time slot it typically shouldn't change (which was hard when clinicals kept changing every month or so). I think it made me use the time I had more effectively as a student. Knowing I had to work at least somewhat to keep my head above water financially, I knew it wasn't an option to slack off or not work. What was really difficult, though, was when there were group projects or group quizzes and said group doesn't care that your hours aren't so flexible or that you need to work. A lot of my classmates were still living off mommy/daddy or their spouse was paying the living expenses (they didn't work at all or worked very little during the program) so they didn't quite get it and were not the nicest about having to work around my work schedule. In that aspect, working absolutely made it harder to succeed as a nursing student. But at the end of the day, you've got to do what you've got to do! I had one classmate work full time night shift the whole ABSN program! I doubt she'd recommend that to anybody, but she had to work and somehow she managed to survive the whole year.
  14. Would it be possible to put off starting the ABSN for a year or two and saving up during this time? Financial aid only cover so much, and private loans are definitely not a preferable option. [emoji53] I entered my ABSN program a year earlier than intended and used federal and private loans to finance my education and monthly expenses while working up to 15 hours a week between two jobs. I am dreading my student loan payments come July, but I look at it as an investment in myself and my future. I agree to look for scholarships! You may not get any, but it never hurts to look! If you want it bad enough you'll figure out a way that works for you. Best of luck!
  15. heb06004

    ICU vs. ED - New grad choice struggles

    While this is definitely true in some areas, the OP may live in an area where they do have options. I just graduated from an ABSN and where I live many of my classmates (including myself) were able to get into specialty areas of preference right away (ED, PICU, L&D). It's definitely possible OP! But definitely get some job applications out and some offers first before you get too far ahead of yourself. :) Best of luck!
  16. heb06004

    Do you NEED a study group to get through nursing school?

    I had the same experiences whenever I tried to join a study group (in nursing school and in my first degree). I just started to study solo and it seemed to work well in both degrees. It really just depends on the person. You don't NEED a study group to do well.