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Feeling Alone


Well, Just last night I posted about how jazzed I am to be starting micro, now here I am feeling low. I dont know, I have made it through the last year just fine, studying and looking ahead to NS. Tonight I just feel so alone. My daughter is 19 and she is out with friends all the time- I am glad for that, I want her to have a rich social life!! I am 36 and the last boyfriend was two and half yrs. ago and lasted almost a year. When I was with him all I could do was think of how I could get out without hurting him. Now, 2.5 yrs. without a male companion and I have to admit that I miss it. Just sometimes, I mean. Strong arms around me. Feeling secure and safe. I am not a really outgoing individual so it is difficult for me to meet people. I talk to people at school, but not socially usually. And so after my hard day I came home and wished someone was there with me. I usually stay at school until 9pm, but I did not go to bed last night due to being excited about starting microbiology, and I was too exhausted to stay late and study. I should not complain, I was married for 10 years and it was not good. I thought I had had enough of men, but once and a while, I miss the companionship-Sorry it seems so sappy,I am sure after a good night sleep I will feel better

All I can tell you is I hope you feel better >

You can do this.

Girl, while in micro you wont even have time for yourself let alone a man. I just finished micro this Spring and got a C, which means I have to take it over again in the Fall in order to get into the state schools here in San Diego. Getting that C completely through me off course because I'm an A honors student at that. So...I know your heart aches...but trust me...it's worth it I'm sure. You will find someone when the time is right. If you find someone now you're going to be all giddy and want to spend all your time with this person, when in fact you must dedicate all your time to studying micro. You will have labs that you may have to go in on your off days...ugh. Best wishes!!!

Well it pays to advertise.

Seriously though I feel for you been there and done that.

Get a dog. :D That is what I did. Dogs are insanely loyal, will never complain about what you talk about. Look at you when you talk to them. Snuggle nicely when you want and don't object to being on the floor when you don't. They are always happy to see you.

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I'm sorry you feel alone. I was single a year and some months ago and now I'm getting married in two months. Your man will come when you least expect it. I went nights when I wish I had strong arms to hold me ... heck I go through nights like that every night because my fiance and I don't live together and we are celebant. So you are not the only one . Focus on micro. Micro is challenging and it will take your attention. I'm so glad I was single while taking micro...


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Many people will disagree with me on this one, but I met my dream guy online. He was over in Iraq serving our country and he comes home in NINE days :). After talking and getting to know him on paper I finally get to meet him after seven months. The funny thing is, he is my biggest fan/loudest cheerleader/etc. He picks me up when I'm down and does that from an ocean away. I can't even imagine what it'll be like with him home. Find someone who will support you, relieve your stress and keep you in good spirits through it all.

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