Feel like a moron. What is "ECT" in a job title?

Nurses General Nursing


The only thing I can think of is "electoconvulsive therapy." LMAO! Don't think that's it.

What does this one stand for? :o


Other than electroconvulsive therapy (shock)I can't think of another.

Specializes in Med/Surg, Ortho, ASC.

Can you tell us the whole job description? Maybe that would help.

Specializes in School Nursing.

Maybe they meant etc, or et cetera? lol.. really have no clue.

Edit to add- Maybe the job require ECTs to get through the day.. you might want to run! ;)

I'm guessing electroconvulsive therap if referring to mental health position.

An RN-ECT is an RN that works in the psych setting and provides care for pts who are undergoing electroconvulsive therapy...so you were on the right track :)

Emergency care tech...like a patient care tech...but in the ED

Please do not feel stupid.The lack of intelligence lies with the one who placed abbreviations like this in in a title. It could be ANY number of things.

Shock therapy came to my mind first.... but I just got my last jolt.

Emergency Care Technician?.... who knows,, the real problem is whomever developed it is too lazy to spell it out.

I would also go with Emergency Care Technician.


Did you maybe call and ask?

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