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Hey everybody! I just wanted to start a thread where all of us who are beginning the stressful process of worrying over Lonestar admissions can give each other some support!:yeah: I'm planning on applying to LSC-Montgomery - retaking Psych 2301 in a Second 8 Weeks class to get an*A,* and getting ready to take the HESI in November when Moco's testing opens. I'm freaking out over how much is on the line...must make an *A!* Must blow HESI out of the water!!!!!

Anyway, just wanted to say good luck to everyone as their finishing up their prereqs and preparing for the HESI and ask...

LoneStar hopefuls...WHERE YOU AT?!! :heartbeat


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Hi Stephanie, I'm just now looking into Lonestar for Fall 2010, though I'm not sure if I'll have enough prereqs done in time for the deadline to have a good application score. I already have a Bachelor's degree from UH, but it was for fine arts, so I'm working on the nursing prereqs right now. I'm taking Biol 2401 A&P1 this semester at HCC, and I already have the English and Intro Psych classes. I'm planning to take Biol 2402 A&P2 and Human Growth Development in the Spring.

Does anyone know the application deadline for Fall 2010 entry at Lonestar? I want to do the part-time online/evening program. I'm planning to go to an info session in November, but don't know much about the Lonestar program right now. Trying to figure it all out. Good luck to everyone!


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March 20-27 i guess.


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Can I ask you lovely women a question?

Okay, I was on the website today. Are these all the pre-req's? Because of the website, it only had Human A&P, English, & Psychology.

Human A&P I, English, Psychology, Human A&P II, Principles of Sociology, Lifespan Growth & Development, Speech, and Medical Microbiology?

I know you all will get in! Hopefully, I can apply for the Nursing program for 2010 Fall semester if I play my cards right.

Amanda - Yeah, it's pretty competitive, so losing points for not having all the prereqs completed is really iffy. The cut-off for the larger schools is usually around 11.1 points, so you'd really have to have a 4.0 in the three classes and get a perfect score on the HESI to be competitive, I would think. But there are always people accepted from the waiting list, so you just never know. The deadline is sometime around March 15...I'm not sure, but I think the only evening program is at Kingwood, and their program is only a Spring entry. I wish more colleges would embrace the fact that some of us can't stop working and/or afford daycare to go full time during the day!

Cassie - A&P I, English I, and Intro to Psych are the prereqs. Sociology, Development Psych, Micro, Speech, A&P II, and Kinesiology are the co-requisites who's GPA has to be at least a 2.75 to get it, and Pharmacology is the other coreq, but its not used for admission. So, technically you could be admitted with full points if you finished every GPA-counted prereq except one by Dec 09...the points are so competitive that the coreqs have also become prereqs...just not officially, if that makes sense. :banghead:


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Yeah, .. I think I'll just go to Lee College in Baytown.



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Do you have to take any test to get in? Like the H.E.S.I? I can

it find it on the website.


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Thanks for your reply Stephanie. After looking over all the requirements for the last couple of days, I think my new plan of action will be as follows:

Spring 2010 - take A&PII and Lifespan

Summer 2010 - take Micro and Sociology

I would have all prereqs except for the Speech class completed by the end of Summer 2010, so I could apply for Spring 2011 entry to the program. I want to do the evening program and keep my full-time job while in school.

As for the ranking criteria, I have a 3.4 GPA in the three classes - API, Pscyh 2301, and Engl 1301, so that would put me around 7.4 point before taking HESI. So even if I get a perfect score on the HESI, that would still only put me at about 11.4 points, which is a risky score. I may take Intro Psych again to get an A and raise the GPA. I took that class over 10 years ago at UH, and I don't even remember going to it if that tells you how much I payed attention.

Anyway, I'm just going to keep taking it all one step at a time and try not to get too discouraged.

Cassie - Yep, you have to take the Hesi, but it's just the Math and Reading Comp sections. You just have to pass the math with at least a 70, and the Reading section is used in your ranking score.

Amanda - Sounds like a plan to me! I know what you mean about just taking it one step at a time...I started taking my nursing prereqs 5 years ago, but I got off track and ended up with my useless degree in Psychology. Now I'm back again trying to finish my prereqs, and I feel like I just want to get going now! Yeah, an 11.4 is a risky score when you can only apply to one college. If you were applying to the other 3 during the fall your odds would probably be pretty good that you'd get into one - and banking on a perfecr HESI score is kind of risky in itself since you can only take it once per application period.


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I just met with an advisor yesterday at The Woodlands location. She said the cut off score from last year that made it in was 11.49 - that's really high. I am just getting started with all this as well. I do have a BS in Psychology already, but I still have to take the developmental psych because the class I took at A&M did not cover the entire life span up to death. My plan is to take this psych class during the 3 week mini session in December and then take A&P II in the Spring. I still have to take the HESI, but will do that in the spring also I guess. I am working full time right now, so I think I will just take 1 class at a time so I'm not overwhelmed. It has a been a long time since I was in college. Good luck to all!!

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