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Anticipation. What a strong noun! I thought others were crazy when they posted comments about the wait killing them! Well, here I am...anticipating and going crazy over what-ifs. I still would love to hear from all of you! Where have you applied, what were your total scores and what is driving you crazy?

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I applied to a public BSN program and my community college. I got into the community college and am waiting to hear back from the BSN program. We have a forum on here and so far a bunch of people have been accepted, waitlisted and rejected. I'm just chillin' here like, OKAY I DON'T WANT AN ANSWER OR ANYTHING :lol2:

Hopefully by the end of this week I'll hear good news.


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I started to apply for the U of Indy BSN program, but decided to just wait it out! I hope that wasn't the wrong choice. Good luck to you and I hope you only get good news!

I did relatively well on the TEAS test, but my A&P classes were not the greatest - good, not great. I have to wait until the end of May to find out. The wait is excruciatingly painful! Good luck to all students still waiting for the results.

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I am so over this semester. I would be more motivated to finish these last 3 weeks I think if I had an acceptance letter. But they need my Psych 101 grade. I know I am going to get an A in the class but just have to take the final and finish up a project. It hasn't been a real hard class. I've gotten an A on every test and got a 100% on the major research project so I just have to finish. If I get an A my score will be a 168. I have only heard of 1 other person scoring higher than me on the Teas so I am hoping. I really hope I get into the campus I want since when you apply, you apply to the whole region.


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My wait is finally over! I've been accepted into Baptist College of Health Sciences this fall 2014 for my BSN! I'm soooo happy! All glory to God! ?


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My wait is finally over! I've been accepted into Baptist College of Health Sciences this fall 2014 for my BSN! I'm soooo happy! All glory to God! 

Congratulations!!!!! I hope I get similar news at the end of May! Good luck to you and may God be always with you!!!!


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My wait wasnt that bad, i got accepted into OCC, for 2014 nursing program...im really excited!!!!! the beginning of a long waited Goal....


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Congratulations RNCOLON!!!!


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3 yrs 3 rejections 2 wait lists and FINALLY today I got the letter I never thought I would get!!!! Accepted into the Fall 2014 nursing class at southwest TN!


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I have a 4.0 in my pre-req classes, a 3.8 in core-reqs (not including my micro class since exams are next week!) and good scores on my TEAS V. My application deadline is May 15th so that we can finish this semester before submitting our applications. I am SO ready and SO excited! It has taken me 3 years to finish all of these classes. I am a 31 year old married, mother of 4. One child I even became pregnant with and had during all of these classes and #3 was 5 months old when I started school. It has been hard, but I am finally here and finally ready! I sure hope I get accepted!!!


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I got my acceptance email on April 9th for FRCC-Larimer campus. I about fell out of my chair at work when I read the email because I wasn't expecting it until later in the month. I had a 3.9 pre-req GPA and a 90 overall on my hesi with extra points for getting above an 85 in Chem and Bio. I had a 90.36/100 for scoring on acceptance. This was the first semester they admitted on a competitive basis and the first new admitants since 2012 I think. I'M SO EXCITED TO START.

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