Failing with 265q. Lack of content or strategy?


Hi everybody,

I took the nclex 3 months ago, I studied so hard for it that I just couldn't believe I failed it. I did 10K questions from NCSBN, Kaplan book(3x), PDS (3x), read Saunders (2x), Exam cram, etc; yeah I guess I got obsessed and I was studying 14-16 hrs daily with a toddler at home. Anyways, I cried so much and stayed in bed for weeks trying to figure out what went wrong.

Well, the thing is that I decided to try again because that is the lesson I have to teach my daughter (never to give up and get up and try again as many times as you have to) but I'm not sure what to try this time, I'm debating between HURST and Kaplan program but since I got all the 265q I'm not sure if that means that I was lacking content knowledge or critical thinking, or both :( I called Kaplan and they reassure me that if I got 265q it is because I know content but I'm lacking strategy, is that true and always the case? what do you guys think or what has been your experience or what has worked for you after failing with 265q? There were some subjects on the test that I was not familiar with but I have heard that comment from a lot of people who have passed. I wish I could buy both of them but I'm unemployed and cant hardly get the money together for just one review.

Thanks for your time and your answers.

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Of course everyone's situation varies but from what I understand if you receive all 265 Qs then you were close to passing the whole time. To me, this indicates that you probably knew your content and it is more of an issue with test taking strategies. I have heard great things about Kaplan. I used Hurst and they were great for content but I feel that if you need help with test-taking strategies it probably would not be as helpful.

What do you feel you feel you are lacking in? Perhaps it could be a mixture of both? Do you feel that there is a specific content area that you are lacking in? Maybe you can focus on what you feel are your weaker areas and possibly work on test-taking strategies.

Kudos, for picking yourself back up and trying again. Sounds like by studying 14-16hrs per day you may have over-studied. Remember to balance studying with fun and relaxation, good luck to you.

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I would expect that the problem would not be one of content, rather one of test strategy. There is a very very slim chance that you were randomly selected do the entire 265 questions. Since I doubt this is the case, it is very likely that what you need to do is concentrate on test taking strategies for the NCLEX.

For you to have gone that long, you probably were somewhat inconsistent with your answers, and had just enough above and below the pass/fail line that the computer couldn't determine whether you passed or failed... all the way to the end.

I, too, applaud you for picking yourself up after the first time and getting ready for a 2nd go-round with the exam.


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I to failed with 265q. I was also told that my problem was lacking strategies as well as dealing with test anxiety. I used NCSBN my first attempt. I liked it a lot however for round two I've decided to take the leap and do the Kaplan online review / redo NCSBN / Saunders questions / and I'm using the nclex mastery app on my phone. My first attempt I was studying 12-16 hours a day, 7 days a week for a month and a half. This time I'm allowing only 4 hours a day, 5 days a week review followed by no more than 150 questions. I feel like this has helped me retain information rather than cramming. I feel confident this time, more so than my first attempt even though I have not scheduled a retake date. I'm not rushing this time with scheduling, I will know when I feel ready and I'm going to PASS and so will you my friend.

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The issue may not necessarily the source of the review, but how one approaches the NCLEX itself: understanding the four concepts of becoming a competent, entry-level nurse:

1. Safe, effective care;

2.Health promotion;

3.Physiological Integrity;

4.Psychosocial integrity

Will determine WHAT the question is asking you; the question may be Respiratory related-but is it a Health Promotion or a Safety, or a Physiological or a Psychosocial one? Would you know the difference and choose the BEST answer?

Once one understands the concepts of NCLEX, they can do so successfully.