Failing out of nursing school at the end


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On 9/2/2022 at 11:24 PM, itsjustnt said:

I failed due to a lot of anxiety problems psychologically with test taking

This is something you can work on NOW. Does your school have an individual(s) that help with this. This is something you better address and work on NOW, better than later. No excuses from doing poorly on exams will be tolerated in the future.  Contact your 'student success people' to learn to take exams without anxiety which is a realistic goal.  This is what your non profit schools have available....It is costly to employ/pay individuals to work a 'student success program' which is not related to a tuition enhancement.. Those services are totally non existent in a for-profit program. These cost too much with out a rate of return and the student is 'disposable'....another one is coming to pay $$$$ tuition (money in our pockets). 


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Hi! I have thanks for your advice. I was just sharing my reason for @Mimi321. I did the work. I went to therapy & a psychiatrist to help me through this. 


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👌🏾 I was just replying to @Mimi321 question if you’re well aware that’s fine I was just responding to her questions on my forum.

My apologies, I misread your post.