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  1. Hi everyone! I am planning to go to Chamberlin this Fall in September for my BSN. I am only going to Chamberlin for 2 years since I did my prereq. beforehand. I was wondering if anyone has pros and cons about Chamberlin College in Phoenix, Az. I know there has been a lot of changes with Chamberlin and their transition to ATI testing. I was wondering what would be anyone's advice and so forth! Anything will be greatly appreciated! Also, if anyone is planning to go this fall to Chamberlin in Phoenix Az lets connect! Best, Nancy
  2. Hi, I am trying to apply for Chamberlin BSN program by Fall 2018. I was wondering if anyone knows what topics to study for these two placement tests. I just don't want to take these tests blind sided and find out they are pre-calculus questions instead of pre-algebra or algebra questions. I only have two chances to take this test, I just want to be able to prepare myself. Thank you!
  3. itsjustnt

    Cal State San Marcos ABSN Summer 2017

    Hi everyone, I applied for Fall 2018 and I was wondering if students who applied does not get into the program will they get an email sent to inform them? Thank you, Nancy
  4. itsjustnt

    Roseman University ABSN July 2018

    Hi everyone! Do you know if Roseman ABSN is really that competitive to get into? My overall gpa with 60 units is 3.4, prequisite is a 2.9 and my Teas were 72.0. I just want to get into a program and be in nursing school =(. I hope I will be able to get into the July cohort. Does anyone know how long they review their applicants applications? Thanks, Nancy