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ok heres un update..i didnt pass..the result just came.

(btw, i took the nclex first week of nov and answered all 265 Q's.)

my performance sheet reads all near passing standard.

im not sad, i dont know why. i wanna cry but i cant. i just accept it. (im just saying this to myself at the moment: "okay youve got to read everything again from the start..haha)

i just want to ask anyone what review materials they used. bec my previous exam had a lot of drugs, prioritization, delegation, and infection control.


Virgo_RN, BSN, RN

Specializes in Cardiac Telemetry, ED.

I used Saunders, with the CD. I did the practice tests on the computer.

Sorry to hear you did not pass and wishing you good luck on your next go around.

Sorry to hear that you did not pass.

You need to prepare as if you have never tested before, this next exam will not be anything like this past one. The questions that you receive are based on how you respond to the previous question, and the question bank will have been completely updated by then.

Take a week for yourself at the minimum before you begin to prepare again, just to give your brain a rest.

You can get thru this exam.


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Sorry to hear you did not pass this time. Take a break and then start studying again. Remember to prepare this time as though you have not tested before. Good luck.

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