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Failed my 3rd attempt for NCLEX PN


I felt confident until I stopped at 85. Now I feel hopeless and wonder if I can even take it again. I've been studying before every single one, so I really don't understand. I don't want to give up, but at the same time I can't see myself going through all that again. I hate feeling like I've wasted my time and went to school for nothing. Anyone else been in this position? Advice? I live in MN

Pick yourself up & try again....that's all you can do yes its devastating to fail but if this is what you want you will continue to fight until the victory is yours.

This is definitely what I want!! I would not have put myself through school and all the 3 attempts if it wasn't.

You will get there - don't give up! Schedule another appointment ASAP for a month out and get yourself good study guide. Kaplan online question bank (Qbank) worked best for me. Practice the questions everyday and read rationales. I am sure they have one for PN-NCLEX. It's worth a shot. Best of luck!

I will look into that! Thank you!

Don't give up! I failed twice and both times I was devastated as well. This last attempt I passed; I mainly just stuck to doing questions starting at 50 and working myself up to 100 a day. It's important to read the rationales. My main sources were Nclex Mastery PN and nclex 3000. I also would test on Saunders here and there. I graduated in 2012. So it's never too late; you will pass!

I'm thinking about trying Hurst, since I feel like I need a love review. Everything else I tried didn't work.

I'll be taking my third attempt for NCLEX RN! Hoping I'll pass, but let's pray together and never give up

When did you take your exam and how long did it take you get results? I took my NCLEX pn 4/17

How long did it take to get results? I took my exam 4/17th

I took mine 4/12 I got the good pop up still waiting on official results

Did you receive your results yet? I'm still waiting on mine too and I took it at 4/12 as well. California.

No results yet; I got a response last Friday they said they were working on April 10th. Keep me posted if you get yours before me. Good luck ❤️

I got my results on the 15th, 3 days later.

Did you get results back yet?