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  1. Boston RN

    Med Error Advice...

    The negative --> you administered medication without checking the bag (Yikes). The positive --> you'll NEVER do that again! I believe this error will make you a better nurse going forward. Good luck :)
  2. Boston RN

    LTC nurses having to do CNA work all day

    Yep! I know exactly what you are talking about. All of the above poster's are correct. They may be difficult to find, but yes, there are great LTC facilities with great CNA's out there. Don't bother going to administration about your current issues, they will do nothing about it and because you told on them, those particular CNAs will most likely withhold vital information from you about your patients, such as skin issues, going forward. I have seen it happen over and over early on in my career. Try to find something at another facility. Also, I have found that this nonsense happens less frequently on the day shift because management / upper management is around. Good luck!
  3. Boston RN

    New grad sinking fast

    You are struggling because your nerves are getting the best of you (been there). It's a process, you will get there. Print out your post and tuck it away. Read it again in 6 months, I bet you will be amazed at how far you have come (you will most likely get a good chuckle as well). Hang in there!
  4. Boston RN

    Should I go back to school?

    If you have a supportive / helpful husband......GO FOR IT!
  5. Boston RN

    Case Management Exam 2017 tips

    The changes were already made to the exam in 2015, I think. I don't believe they will be changing it again for many years. The 2nd edition is aligned with the current CCM exam. Best of Luck :)
  6. Boston RN

    Case Management Exam 2017 tips

    NP - no need to procrastinate haha, it is easier than you think! Good luck
  7. Boston RN

    MSN or MSHS

    Hi purpletzz, I tried to respond to your PM but you appear to be unable to receive PM's
  8. Boston RN

    Nurses and bullies...

    OP - I read your post and knew exactly what you meant, you really didn't have to list examples to validate your post. It was also safe to assume that you did not mean the entire nursing profession. I am sure there is more going on than the examples you provided and quite frankly, who am I to say that your experience is lame or not real?! Lateral violence, horizontal violence, nurse bullying or whatever anyone wants to call it, is extremely prevalent in nursing. The ANA recognizes it as a huge issue and there are thousands of nursing journal articles published on the subject. I have been to a few conferences regarding the issue. In fact, our capstone in my MSN program was "Nurse Bullying - How to Break the Cycle." This capstone topic was selected by my professor who was also employed by the ANA. So YEAH - it's a problem. Jumping all over your post certainly isn't solving anything. I read a great quote recently.... "The biggest communication problem is we don't listen to understand.....we listen to reply" Learn EVERYTHING you can and be the best nurse you can be. Believe me, once you are confident in your abilities, you will be affected less and less. Take your experiences and be the opposite, become a great mentor to co-workers and novice nurses - this is how you can start to break the cycle. Don't quit nursing, quit toxic environments!
  9. Boston RN

    Should I quit? Idk what to do!

    I think you should take the pay cut and get your BSN while you are staying with your Mom (cheap rent haha). You never know, after graduation you may receive a promotion with a better salary - along with that sweet retirement. Go for it.
  10. Boston RN

    Will I have a social life in nursing school

    Of course you will have a social life - Most people work full-time and take care of kids in addition to nursing school.
  11. Boston RN

    Where can I get male only patients?

    Veterans Administration (VA) LTC residents are predominately men.
  12. Boston RN

    Please I need HELPPPP! I failed NCLEX-RN five times.

    Kaplan Qbank worked great for me, also for a number of my friends. I saw a lot of the same questions on NCLEX as well.
  13. Boston RN

    Please I need HELPPPP! I failed NCLEX-RN five times.

    I agree 100% with the poster who said "you are probably over-thinking!" You must be feeling very discouraged, but you will get there. Here is some advice..... 1) purchase Kaplan's online RN Qbank (not the prep, just the QBank), It used to be for 3 months 2) run through some practice questions for an hour every day 3) pick a day to take the exam (Saturday is ideal) and choose the earliest appointment 4) do not study the night before the exam - AT ALL 5) while taking the exam --- choose the simplest answers 6) when answering unknown med questions ---- choose the answer that is COMPLETELY different from the rest (even if the answer sounds silly) 7) don't change your answers (unless you, absolutely 100%, find the correct answer in another question). If not, always go with your instinctive answer Best of Luck!!
  14. Boston RN

    New grad private duty pay

    Hello, No - $26/hr is not a bad starting pay for a new grad with zero experience.
  15. Boston RN

    Advice on comfortable shoes

    ASICS sneakers and Akesso nursing shoes