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Hi guys I need help. I finished school in April 2020 with great grades. I took the boards on June 2020 and got a 347(you need to get a 350 to pass. I studied my butt off with my classmate, who had also failed in June. We used pocket prep, lantern review, the ANCC PMHNP IQ bank, and the purple book from ANCC.  We just took them again 60 days later. She passed, I failed—-again with a 341. My highest area consistently is ethical and legal principals and all my others fluctuate High to low  -are inconsistent in all other areas. I feel as though I know content but I struggle with question style. Im definitely more of a research paper kinda girl. Not sure but so far no ones been able to help me so far. Any advice? 

I'm studying now...if you have not passed...we could Zoom.

@exchangeofideasI am currently trying to study at the moment as well. May I ask you what materials you are using? I want to zero in as much as possible and not get overwhelmed with too many resources.

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Hello I ended up passing in October 2020. What I've learned is that alot of people are in the same boat. The study groups that work best today are actually through facebook. This is where most people end up to finally pass. These study classes are focused on passing the boards only and do not overwhelm you with too much information

2 I highly recommend: 

PMHNP Boards Tutor and Support (this was the best resource for me) 

Georgettes PMHNP Certification Review courses (this was also highly helpful!)


@Mandylandthank you for the information and recommendations. When you say study groups through facebook, is there a certain link? Cost? I would like to look into that as well. 

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So I also failed my first time and I found Yvonne's facebook group, I joined it and that's how I found out about her reviews. I did all of her domains 1,2,3,4,5 and comprehensive pmhnp review. From her website:

This is absolutely all you need plus the ANCC IQ and the purple book. I wish you success:)

hi did you have similar questions the 2nd time you did it?

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This is the group helped me pass. I don’t know a single person from that study group who didn’t pass. The goal was to pass the boards —it wasn’t about real life, but to pass the boards. I had many of the same questions the second and third time that I took the boards. I also had a lot of new questions. It was difficult because I was never really sure what the answer was or even if I got it wrong or right the first time or the second time. But if you stick with one group that is very helpful and I cannot recommend Haley’s group enough if you want to pass she will help you—— oh and did I mention that it’s absolutely free because she is so against charging to help pass the boards for a degree we’ve all been working on for years.

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Not a lot of repeat questions, I had like 5 to 10 questions from previous exam. 

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Hi all, I purchased Boards Vitals and I ended up not even using it. The best decision I made was to sign up for Yvonne's domain classes and comprehensive review. So worth the money. She also gives you a study plan that I highly recommend you follow to pass. I also used ANCC IQ and read the Purple book by Johnson. This is her website to sign up (

All the best on your Pmhnp exam.

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11 hours ago, Benny momalife said:

I purchased Boards Vitals ...

I also used ANCC IQ and

Purple book by Johnson/Vanderhof

Do not bother with BV unless it is provided. Barkley's was a waste as well.  Focus on the ANCC IQ and quizlet and then Leik and there is another really good prep course I forget the name of.

Plenty of material to keep you busy and prep you for boards without paying ton's of $

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Any help to pass the PMHNP boards easily and in first attempt . I am planning to take exam 2022. 

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