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  1. exchangeofideas

    Collaborating physician questions!

    I am wondering how I can get a DEA in Michigan without being hired yet. I am in the hiring process but not yet completed. Should I just put their address down as my place of business? I understand you need to have a place of business before you can get a DEA. Also, MI requires a collaborating physician which they say you send to the Board of Michigan, not sure what this means.
  2. exchangeofideas

    HELP! New NP in MI - DEA, NPI...

    I am a new grad and getting my first DEA in Michigan. I wrote the DEA and they said that "If you are taking about a supervisory agreement, that is submitted to the state board of Michigan." Anyone know what this means? I am assuming it is the nursing board ( I wrote the nursing board and have not heard back.).
  3. I am currently certified as a PMHNP ANCC and AGPCNP AANP through two different certifying organizations. I have not tried to recertify yet, but only have experience in PMHNP at this time. I wonder if the hours I have done in psych will cover the AGPCNP?
  4. exchangeofideas

    Why I chose NP instead of MD

    Reason's that I feel NP better than MD are the following: -You can always work as an RN (it's nice to be able to skill stack.). (I like to do PRN jobs.) -More opportunities for teaching (With the online programs, a NP can get an adjunct faculty position easily.) (I like that you can teach or precept until you grow old.) -You can work part-time and that's okay. (You do not have to be stuck at a place all the time since you never know what the office climate might be like.) -More job openings (Seems like NP's are in demand and this gives us more flexibility.) (Maybe you need or want to move.) -Flexibility (We can change specialties or teach one another without formalities. ) (I am thinking of working in nursing homes in my old age for instance.) -I do not want to be the boss. I do not like managing people. (I like the idea that I can leave work politics at the office, but can review educational material on my free time instead.) - With all these possibilities, we can have work our entire lives. (I do not want to ever retire and sit around and do nothing.) -If you really want to make more money, you can find ways to make a lot. (Some NP's are go-getters and make more than physicians.) But, if you are looking for a more well-rounded life, that is available too (such as my priority). -I am just going with the odds. Nothing is absolute for either profession and everyone has things that are frustrating about their jobs. However, I found the NP route to have more good for me than the MD route.
  5. exchangeofideas

    Barkley DRT PMHNP

    I don't think that exam is representative. They just want you to buy the program imo.
  6. exchangeofideas

    Failed PMHNP Boards Twice

    I'm studying now...if you have not passed...we could Zoom.
  7. Has anyone heard much about Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner Fellowship? I am trying to decide on doing one? 

  8. exchangeofideas

    AccentCare Behavioral Health Nurse

    Just read your post on home health and low pay...
  9. exchangeofideas

    AccentCare Behavioral Health Nurse

    Any specific con's about the job?
  10. exchangeofideas

    Sacramento VA

    Congrats! I hear the VA has some good benefits. I am in a Psych. DNP program now..
  11. exchangeofideas

    AccentCare Behavioral Health Nurse

    Are you still in the position? I just started this job.
  12. exchangeofideas

    PMHNP Exam help

    I think the BV has a study for those who are in medical school, but I believe they have PMHNP as well. Not sure if it is geared toward NP or not.