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Mandyland has 17 years experience and specializes in Psych.

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  1. Failed PMHNP Boards Twice

    This is the group helped me pass. I don’t know a single person from that study group who didn’t pass. The goal was to pass the boards —it wasn’t about real life, but to pass the boards. I had many of the same questions the second and third time that ...
  2. Failed PMHNP Boards Twice

    Hello I ended up passing in October 2020. What I've learned is that alot of people are in the same boat. The study groups that work best today are actually through facebook. This is where most people end up to finally pass. These study classes are fo...
  3. Failed PMHNP Boards Twice

    Hi guys I need help. I finished school in April 2020 with great grades. I took the boards on June 2020 and got a 347(you need to get a 350 to pass. I studied my butt off with my classmate, who had also failed in June. We used pocket prep, lantern rev...